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  1. videojanitor

    HR24 acting up, but only on two channels

    OK, so I think this is pretty weird (I think): I have three DVRs in my system -- an HR54, an HR24, and an HR20. Recently, my wife started noticing that some of the channels she watches on the HR24 are pixellated and breaking up, to the point where they are virtually unwatchable. In checking it...
  2. videojanitor

    Anybody else find SWM unreliable?

    A bit of background: I have two separate SWM systems, mainly because it was just more convenient to do so. One Slimline SL3 feeds two HR DVRs in the living room, while another feeds three machines in other rooms. Both systems work fine most of the time, but I find them to be quite a bit less...
  3. videojanitor

    Games disappear from To Do List

    Wondering if anyone else experiences this -- a friend of mine asked about a problem he experiences when trying to set recording for Giants games on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area (696-1). Basically, if you don't set up the recording on the day of the game, it will disappear from the To Do List and...
  4. videojanitor

    Will I be charged for defective receiver?

    Here's an interesting situation: I had a leased, standard receiver go dead, so I called for a replacement. I made it quite clear to them that it was DEAD. The CSR told me that since I don't have the Protection Plan, it was going to cost me $59 plus $20 for shipping. I balked at that, and she...