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  1. tcat007

    Amazon Prime

    All good here. Makes no sense that a Joey in the other room can't pick it up from the Hopper. That's where the wife watches who hates switching inputs. Don't see a channel assigned. Prone guide looks just like Roku, can watch anything subscribed to.
  2. tcat007

    Comet Hd

    Thought Comet was considered "local", which "should" come with Flex. I probably wouldn't watch it much, but more channels is always better!
  3. tcat007

    Comet Hd

    Guess it's not added to Flex Pack.
  4. tcat007

    Schedule recording missed

    Nothing else. Hopper 3, so plenty of open channels. Showed in scheduled recording both days, but when I started watching it (a little late), I noticed it wasn't recording, so missed the first 10 minutes. So set it to record the next time it was on. Forgot about it and didn't record. Still showed...
  5. tcat007

    Schedule recording missed

    I've been trying to record The Avengers, shows timer for today at 3:00 (under timer tab), but never started recording. It's on the timer list, but when I click on it and look at "timer schedule" in the popup, nothing is there. No red dot on the guide either. Tried yesterday and today and...
  6. tcat007

    DISH Four Tuner USB OTA Adapter Rumor

    Probably Slings Airtv.
  7. tcat007

    New Software Coming Tonight

    My other devices has been disappearing for the past 6 months. Trying to force the update to 539 just results in same 538. Hoping 539 fixes the disappearing ehd issue! Google Assistant would be nice, but the ehd issue is a real pain! Almost frustrated enough to switch to YouTube TV, since I can't...
  8. tcat007

    External hard drive

    I have 2 powered MyBook drives that disconnect almost every night (no "other devices" icon). Rebooting Hopper 3 fixes issue. I've seen older threads with same issue, is there a solution?
  9. tcat007

    Cheapest DISH Package with Buzzr and Game Show Network

    Maybe Spectrum Choice, locals plus pick 10 for $25/mo. Add a Roku to get Pluto free (includes Buzzr). Also amazing what you can pick up with a $20 amplified antenna.
  10. tcat007

    Locals down?

    Looks like it's almost everywhere. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using the SatelliteGuys app!
  11. tcat007

    Locals down?

    Anyone's locals out right now? Down in Austin. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using the SatelliteGuys app!
  12. tcat007

    4K Events Discussion Thread

    So Flex customers don't get 4k even with a Hopper 3? I don't see ch 540 on my list. Nevermind, just googled it. See them under on demand 4k section. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  13. tcat007

    DISH to deliver Olympics in 4K HDR

    The only add-on I have it's the movie pack.
  14. tcat007

    DISH to deliver Olympics in 4K HDR

    Wow, when I plug in change from Flex to top 200, bill goes from $81 to $106. Not worth it since Olympics looks pretty darn good just in HD.
  15. tcat007

    4K Events Discussion Thread

    That sucks. I would think the 24hr delay would bring 4k to everyone. Not worth switching off Flex for me, finally got my bill under $100.
  16. tcat007

    Official SatelliteGuys CBS / DISH Dispute Thread

    Yeah, and the replacements are something I already get! Rather have a$10 bulk discount.
  17. tcat007

    Official SatelliteGuys CBS / DISH Dispute Thread

    Wife just yelled from other room "where'd Pop go?". She's been watching ER reruns. Pop is only place to watch that show.
  18. tcat007

    4k live

    Curious what programming do you need to get channel 540? I have hopper 3 and 4k TV, but flex pack.
  19. tcat007

    Caller ID history on new CUI

    I have Ooma, real cheap and can get the caller ID popup. 6P - AVR5810 - EF9500 - Dish - Xbox1S
  20. tcat007

    New Carbon Interface on Hopper with Sling - positives and negatives

    [emoji106] My Harmony is in a drawer. Looks like I need to dig it out. [emoji229] 6P AquariOS