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    Free Previews and Free Channels (Covid-19 Response)

    they had news mix on in the past.
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    Regional sports channels

    They have locals and this an time where they are very needed.
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    Marquee Sports Network

    but a really good time to say YOU DON"T want to lose your local channels!
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    Please be forewarned: Lost my east and west coast feed channels due to customers support lack of knowledge.

    and will oil rigs fall under that waiver? the ones with big contracks that pushed the back the mpeg2 trun off?
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    Marquee Sports Network

    should be been the Blackhawks. And then NBC/Comcast can go back to sports vision
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    Marquee Sports Network

    665 is the old nbc / comcast one.
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    Marquee Sports Network

    Comcast has download cap with overages
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    Marquee Sports Network

    well can Comcast really make do with zero Sinclair local channels?? Sinclair has a lot of power there.
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    Standard Definition

    They still have that? What happens when that goes MPEG4 only / HD only?? Free upgrade with no comment? and no need to buy any other programming?
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    Masked Singer in 4K after the Superbowl in 4K.

    OTA needs ATSC 3.0 for that.
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    TVAnswerman Has AT&T Predictions For 2020

    Or maybe have it be like. MLB EI, NBA LP, NHL CI
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    Any way to get H25s activated on existing account reasonably?

    will they replace it for free with no re-up?
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    Audience Network shutting down

    They still an overflow channel / channels to air mach madness
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    TVAnswerman Has AT&T Predictions For 2020

    what bar will pay $5000 year + $1000-$1500/mo (3 years locked in) just for good internet and you need to buy your own switches + tv boxes and other hardware as well.
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    TVAnswerman Has AT&T Predictions For 2020

    commercial use. I don't see steaming only working that well with that.
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    New Channels

    the cubs channel is coming.
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    Directv Com1000 I’m building

    can the software deal with more then 1 server on the same network?
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    FCC charges Sinclair managed stations charged with bad faith negotiation

    and give up ESPN, FOX sports, FOX RSN's, NBC RSN's, Disney, and more?
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    Is AT&T gutting DIRECTV?

    will the cable providers make an play for Commercial nfl ticket? No way steaming tv can work in a bar unless they shell out for an DIA plans that can run $1000/mo for 100/100.
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    ESPN Classic to close

    maybe if they keeped it as the main overflow it would of gone HD