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    Help locking a 7/8 FEC

    11977h 1562 recently changed their FEC from 3/4 to 7/8 and now my pansat 3500 won´t show the channel, although I do get signal and quality. The pansat has no way of typing in this new fec. Will I not be able to get it anymore on this stb with my existing 30" dish? I have read that a bigger...
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    Help Id dish and recommend motor

    Can someone help me id this dish and recommend a motor. I got this one over a year ago for about $20 from a bar that was closing. They said they never used it before. It`s 1.00 x 1.10 m. The front says "Arion by __". I can`t make out what it says next. It`s pretty faded (something like ATM)...
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    Understanding lyngsat

    What does it mean when someone posts a signal on lyngsat but has no channel name, SR, Pids, etc.? Only the frequency, tp #, date and poster is detailed. See 12173 V on the image. Is this a feed? Is it data? How did the poster find it? Is it something I´m not supposed to see? I can´t scan it...
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    Can´t upload pictures

    I can´t upload a bmp image. I go to upload manager, select file from my pc, click upload, circulating arrow goes on and on, and... nothing. Is there some other way of posting an image?
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    History gone!

    History channel is gone for me at 101w. No Q on 12060H 26700. Is it "history"?
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    Amc2 or Amc5? @79w

    I´ve been watching Telemundo for the last couple of years. At the beginning it was on Amc5 at 11900H 2170, then I understand it was transferred to Amc2 at 11904H 2170. The signal has been very low during the afternoon hours for the last few months. Recently I read on another site that Amc2 was...
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    Ku scalar ring?

    Is there such a thing as a Ku scalar ring? I´m using a c band scalar ring for my 1.5m offset mini bud and it helps a lot for bringing in some signals though not all of of them I know. The thing is Amc5 is pretty low in my location (northern Mexico) and I was wondering if such thing existed and...
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    First time a Pansat ever failed me

    All of a sudden I lost 11977H 1562 and 12024H 3000 on Satmex5. 12059V 3077 still came is strong as usual. I changed lnb, diseqc, coax and tweaked my 30" dish with no luck. All my other fixed dishes (30,72,79,97,101ku and 99c) came in fine. So I never suspected of my pansat 3500. Finally I...
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    Nbc mux @72w pids change

    Nbc mux @72w pids changed. 12052v 6890 308 256 8180 309 258 34 310 260 36 311 262 38
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    Nbc mux@72 What the....?

    I just blind scanned amc6@72w because the nbc mux had been black for me for the last 3 days. Though they had a 40%Q. My pansat 3500 registered a second set of the feeds on the same tp 12053V 6890 with the same pids perfectly watchable. I now have two sets of the feeds with the same values and...
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    History gone its back 4/23/11

    Oh, oh! I´m getting a black screen on History channel @101w. Bio is fine. Q at 60%
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    30w dropping channels?

    I just blind scanned 30w on a pansat 3500 and noticed some changes. RCI is gone. Telecaribe Colombia and Zoom are now at 11934 V 5250. Tps 12130 H 27500, 12170 H 27500 and 12092 H 27500 with all the arab programming are gone as well. :(:(
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    79w no Telemundo anymore?

    Telemundo is gone since last night. Does anyone know if there are uplink/weather problems or if they are gone for good? They have been gone for a few hours in the past but not for this long that I recall and this is a channel we watch at home daily for the last two years. Thanks.
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    Pansat 2700, help please

    My pansat 2700 is displaying a signal level reading of 99% (which is not true) and a signal quality of 0% on any sat. The thing is it´s giving this reading all the time, even with no lnb connected! I have installed several different bins, factory and otherwise. I even jtagged it but no luck...
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    Atei on Hispasat @30w. Anyone seen it?

    Has anyone actually watched this channel? I´ve been tuning this satellite for over a year now and even though this channel appears on lyngsat I've never really seen but a black screen. Lyngsat says it´s on only from 4 to 7 pm, but nothing. Anyone? 12172 H 27500 1701 1711 1701
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    Telemundo @79w on Amc2 or Amc5?

    Is Telemundo @79w beamed from Amc5 or Amc2? Lyngsat shows it coming in from tp 11904H 2170 at Amc2 and shows an empty space on Amc5 where it used to be on tp 11900H 2170. Both signals come in very weak for me. The reason for the Q is because I´m being asked to make an install about 100...
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    What´s up with Amc5@79w?

    All of a sudden Telemundo is booming at 85% after over 2 months with a lot of breaking up 30-40s % Qs. I´m not complaining, don´t get me wrong. I just want to know if anyone knows what´s happening and if this improvement is for good or just a malfunction. I sure hope it stays so. Cheers.
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    Rtpa @30w gone?

    Is anyone still getting Rtpa @30w? It was at 12049 V 27500 1000 1001 1001 but now all I get is a black screen. Do you know if it changed tp or gone for good? Thanks.
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    Telemundo @79w low signal

    Telemundo @79w barely lockable at 30% today. This had never happened before that I remember. I´ve always had 99%. Anyone else watching this? I have perfect clear weather and nothing has changed in my setup, so I´m pretty sure it´s the signal. Anyone?
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    40.5w and "The List"

    I´ve been thinking of taking a shot at 40.5w with my 5 foot minibud which is currently parked at 91w. Do you think I could get a fair amount of tps with this setup. I have gotten most tps from 91, 99, 113 and 116, but 40.5w shows a lower eirp for my location than the other birds. Plus I read...