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    Cancelling Dish Network service

    I cancelled about a week ago. UPS delivered the shipping box for the HWS and it's going out today. The CSR I got made quick work my cancellation request even after he mentioned that I was a 20 year customer. So it depends on who you get. Mine made it quick and I didn't have to endure a long...
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    2020 Dish Price Increases Announced

    I went ahead and cancelled Dish this morning. It wasn't an easy decision after being with them for 20 years. They do have a great product, but by switching to a streaming service I can save $35 a month. I am retiring in a year, so I am trying to cut expenses where I can. The CSR asked why I...
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    2020 Dish Price Increases Announced

    For the Flex Pack, the $5 increase is 13.15%. So while $5 may not sound like much, percentage wise it is extremely high. In anticipation of cancelling my Dish service due to this price increase, I purchased a Fire TV Recast (on sale for $130) and plan to try Philo for $20 a month. If it works...
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    2020 Dish Price Increases Announced

    This increase will push me to cancel dish after many years. Everything we watch we could watch on Philo for $20 a month. I am on the Flex Pack and I get locals via my antenna.
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    Remote code

    I had a similar problem trying to get the remote to control my Vizio soundbar. Vizio isn't listed in the list of makes when setting up the remote, so I tried the learning mode and that didn't work either. A few days later I needed to switch inputs on the soundbar using the Vizio remote but I...
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    New Free Voice Remote

    They sent me a free 54.0 remote. I tried it, but it doesn't list Vizio as a brand for auxillary audio devices. I have a Vizio sound bar. So I tried the learning mode and that didn't work - it wouldn't "learn" volume control or mute, no flashing button to tell me it learned it. So I will stick...
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    OTA select duplicate channels

    Thanks boba for the suggestion. I don't see me buying more Dish equipment. If I purchased anything it would be a Fire TV Recast or Tablo, and if I did that I would cancel Dish and subscribe to a streaming service such as Philo.
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    OTA select duplicate channels

    Apparently that is the case. I think OTA channels were an afterthought on the Hopper. But with all of the broadcast disputes and increasing fees, being able to receive OTA on Hoppers is increasingly important, at least it is to me.
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    OTA select duplicate channels

    I tried changing the direction of the antenna but sadly it didn't work. Maybe the Dish programmers can enhance the OTA software to allow us to manually add channels that didn't scan in. That would be a big plus.
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    OTA select duplicate channels

    I will try Tampa8's suggestion of temporarily changing the direction of the VHF antenna and doing a rescan this weekend. I tried bumping the pre-amp down to the low setting but that didn't work.
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    OTA select duplicate channels

    I agree, Dish needs to have channel selection abilities similar to Tivo and Tablo. As for swinging the antenna around, I don't think that will work because channel 8 and the other 2 VHF channels are all in the same direction.
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    OTA select duplicate channels

    Nope. On my LG TV I can manually add or delete any channel, but not on Dish HWS. I don't think Hopper 3 does either, but I don't know that for sure.
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    OTA select duplicate channels

    Hello everyone. I live in a deep fringe area but with a lot of effort and expense I am able to receive OTA channels. Two channels are broadcast on both high VHF and UHF from different towers. The UHF signal strength and quality is much better than the VHF, but the Dish channel scan always...
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    Is the new Dish dual OTA tuner as sensitive as the TiVo Bolt?

    I don't know about the Tivo, but I can tell you the AirTV dual tuner adapter isn't as sensitive as my LG TV. Supposedly the AirTV adapter is made by the same company (Lark) as the new Dish dual tuner. The AirTV adapter does work on my HWS and it seems to be more stable than the old Dish dual...
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    OTA Auto Hop Question

    I don't have any Prime Time activated and I don't subscribe to locals, but my OTA recordings allow auto hop just fine.
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    Dual OTA tuner not as Sensitive as old Single Tuner and gets very Hot

    Mine gets hot too. So I make sure it is getting air on all sides, to dissipate as much heat as possible. I am disappointed with the sensitivity of this tuner as well. My 2016 LG TV not only picks up more channels, they are much more stable using the LG tuner. With the Dish tuner I regularly...
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    **Team Summit Update**

    I received an e-mail from Dish today saying the CUI will be downloaded to my HWS on June 8th. Or, I could download it sooner if I press the blue button. So, like it or not, the new interface is coming to a Hopper near you!
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    OTA dongle question

    I am using it with my HWS that does not have the carbon interface, and it works just fine. The new CUI is not required.
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    Hopper 3 and the OTA dongle

    It looks like the seller on Ebay wants $9.90 shipping. I got mine from dishformyrv for $59.99 and free shipping, so it costs less when you factor in the shipping. But if your local dealer has it at a good price, buy local!
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    What OTA USB Unit to Look For, For a Hopper/Sling

    I got mine from DishForMyRV. Received it just a few days after I ordered it.