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  1. MrDRC

    Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting

    Thank You, cheers!
  2. MrDRC

    Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting

    Where can I find a “schedule” of these loops? The guide doesn’t show anything except a continuous program. Would love to record them and play in FF. I think it’s a very cool feature. Saw the flying saucer twice yesterday.
  3. MrDRC

    New On Demand UI very ugly.

    I agree, it’s fugly as all get out. Who was the brain child that thought this was an “upgrade”? I just went through every menu setting and nothing is user selectable. What a FAIL!
  4. MrDRC

    I HATE Google Assistant

    Do I like google assistant? Not really but it doesn’t amount to a pinch of rat crap. It works, mine is fine I just don’t like seeing the “Google”. Some of these service cancellations due to this feature seem overly nonsensical.
  5. MrDRC

    New Promo for Showtime/Starz?

    Wonderful! Calling tomorrow to get the deal Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex are both great shows. I saw them last year while visiting family and got hooked. They are one of the reasons I would love to get another 6 months for half price. YEEE HAWWW. :)
  6. MrDRC

    New Promo for Showtime/Starz?

    Did I imagine seeing a commercial that said Showtime and/or Starz was available at $7 per month for 6 months? I just came off a Dish Move promo and had the extra's for 3 months. I liked having Starz and Showtime but at retail pricing was not inclined to keep it with my limited TV time...
  7. MrDRC

    New Install - 6 tuners - Questions

    Yup...I got it. Im familiar with NEC. I had to pass a test to wire my own home. There is a local code here that lets homeowners qualify as a quasi-electrician. If you can pass the test at the building inspectors office you can permit the job and wire your own home. My ground rod is 8'...
  8. MrDRC

    New Install - 6 tuners - Questions

    Thats what I needed to know. Thanks much! Im using Canare L-5CFB with the matching Canare F connectors. Im pretty sure its sweep tested to 2250Mhz. Its really great stuff and I have used a lot of it throughout my Home Theater and at my lake house. I will strip and terminate all the...
  9. MrDRC

    New Install - 6 tuners - Questions

    Im getting a complete overhaul on my 6 year old 500/300 setup and legacy Dish 6000 and two 2800 receivers. Dish gave me a great upgrade deal on two 622's and one 612 plus they are bringing a new dish, 1000.2, to eliminate my two dish setup. I'm having them install the new dish in a...
  10. MrDRC

    The ole Upgrade question...need advice

    I've been subscribed to Dish for 5 years now. I have the RCA 6000 receiver W/both the modules plus 2 2800's. Everything I have is legacy...SW64, Dish 500 with Dual LNB's and another dish pointing at 61.5 with single LNB. I dont have a DVR but used the Panasonic Showstoppers (no fee's) for...
  11. MrDRC

    my ugly and painful dish install

    Pitiful! The grounding block should be outside for sure. Was there no way to bring the feed in through the attic?
  12. MrDRC

    is it possible to have the 811 remote operate

    Does the blue button remote also work with the 811?
  13. MrDRC

    Question about Dish PCM Signal

    Well, so much for the coax test. I guess I will take down one of my other receivers and give it a try and see if I can isolate this to the 6000. I have $4000 is speakers and $1000 in an AVR and I want clean sound. Even though its not overpowering I know the distortion is there and to me...
  14. MrDRC

    Question about Dish PCM Signal

    Stacy, thats "EXACTLY" what I hear. The way I originally noticed it was walking by one of my surrounds and I heard something unusual. I then stuck my ear right up beside the speaker and bingo, it was this garbled noise. The funny thing about it though, if I listen in regular stereo mode or 7...
  15. MrDRC

    Question about Dish PCM Signal

    Thanks for the feedback but after listening closer, I find this garble on ALL audio from the 6000. It varies from channel to channel and not near as bad on the dolby channels or OTA but its still there. None of my other components in my AV system can reproduce this. Cassette player, CD player...
  16. MrDRC

    Question about Dish PCM Signal

    Bump...Nobody else has a 6000 and Dolby PLIIx receiver that can test this?? How about anyone with an 811???
  17. MrDRC

    Question about Dish PCM Signal

    Im having some trouble with the PCM signal from Dish being garbled when listening in Dolby PLIIx mode. Bascially all the OTA channels and Dish's Dolby transmissions including the HD channels are fine. However, when listening to any of the regular channels the audio is distorted with a high...
  18. MrDRC

    Who won, Who Lost?

    Hard to really tell with the back slapping and hand shaking going on but someone compromised. Who was it and is there anyway to really know?
  19. MrDRC

    Full Page ad from Viacom in Houston Chronicle

    LOL....your daughter is older than mine. SpongeBob is a show on Nick for the younger crowd. If you had one my age, you would know who SpongeBob is. :)