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    What will happen if Dish and DirecTV merge?

    DIRECTV'S product is still good. I have always said that I like their programming and the variety of it. I was going to bail and go to Verizon FiOS full time but, I didn't. The service does mess up at times. The majority of the times the service works flawlessly. I don't like the annual...
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    WiFi hotspot receiver or other equipment?

    Try imputing your hotspot information using setup internet on your internet connected Genie. Select your Phone name, select your WEP Security and enter password. It may work or it might not. I have regular internet with FiOS so I have never done this. If it works - I would imagine watching TV...
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    Randall Stephenson "retiring"

    Randall said AT&T bought DIRECTV not because they like the Sat business but because the subscriber numbers looked good for their new streaming numbers. They would try to move subscribers from DTV and UVerse to those services. How they would this is any body's guess. The way things are looking...
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    DTV won me back

    That's a very valid point Krynn. I feel the same way. It is the very reason I have DIRECTV and my Verizon FiOS on separate bills. I would feel bad if I had all my services on one bill and may be a time where I might not be able to pay my bill. It happens from time to time. Also - Your internet...
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    DTV won me back

    After AT&T finishes gutting DIRECTV they are going to regret losing all their loyal customers. Just because they have 5 different Streaming services doesn't mean their customers are all going to buy those services. I mean the local channels are going to be a sticking point. How will former...
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    Missed appointment

    Don't feel bad. I moved to a new place and transferred my service. The technician didn't show or call. He did something odd the next day after I called Verizon to cancel the visit. The technician called me and said he didn't make the appointment because he was on vacation. I didn't expect that...
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    Motorola asks "Smartphone or Flip-phone?" "How about both!"

    Hello Moto.... Nothing touches these manly hands but Motorola's. Go Moto...
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    Orby does it make sense

    Orby is in its infancy. I would guve them a few more years for better equipment and an improved lineup. I remember going to my local cable office in the 80's to order service. They didn't have a computer. The office manager hand wrote everything in a spiral notebook. How do you like those Graham...
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    Dish plans to drop millions of Boost Customers

    How are prepaid customers unprofitable? Are you suggesting Dish will get rid of Prepaid and move their customers on Postpaid? I thought bringing cash into the company on a daily basis was better then waiting for customers electronic or paper payments. I guess we will see how this plays out.
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    Is AT&T gutting DIRECTV?

    We're given an alternative/ competitor to Dish and DirecTV: Now Orby is a joke? For a startup - it sounds bleek! I Wonder what the problem is?
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    Is AT&T gutting DIRECTV?

    Remember AT&T owns Warner Media Services. They can keep playing the blackout/retransmission game for as long as they own it. You would think their treasure trove of channels would give a new owner of DIRECTV endless carraige disputes with big bad "Wolf" AT&T. They do have the upper hand with the...
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    Is AT&T gutting DIRECTV?

    I don't think it is a secret that AT&T wants to "UNLOAD" DIRECTV and move them to their streaming services. It has been reported on numerous news reports and press releases by their head bosses. The question should be: Are they doing it now?
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    DirecTV loses 1.2 million customers

    Man - this endless reporting of these losses make you think the world is coming to an end. Remember years back when Sprint lost 9 million customers because their service was so bad? Then years later they regained all of them back. AT&T could rework that magic with DIRECTV. The 64 million dollar...
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    DirecTV loses 1.2 million customers

    DIRECTV will have to do something to bring back those customers besides gifting them free streaming services. Rip a page out of T-Mobiles playbook and entice the customer with some kind of freebie. They could lower rates. It won't happen until they start feeling the pain of those losses. I'm...
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    DirecTV loses 1.2 million customers

    In some funny way it kind of makes you think with those losses that their subscribers were or are moving on to streaming services. It could be because of AT&T's endless rate increases too. I mean - If you look at these reasons and Randall Stephenson's press releases and comments - You have to...
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    DirecTV loses 1.2 million customers

    Go to Randall Stephenson's press releases. He said or sort of implied that he wasn't going to own satellite TV forever. That he was moving their subscribers to AT&T streaming services. He also mentioned something about the T-15 or T-16 satellite would be the last one launched. It came out of...
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    Protection plan

    It works fine. It just seemed to have more outages before I got the protection plan. And more stable after getting it. I understand what you are saying. I would say currently 3 to 5 percent of the time I lose the signal in bad weather up north in NY. Not much to complain about. The PQ is almost...
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    Sinclair/AT&T sign their deal...includes RSNs and Marquee

    Wait till Directv is sold. AT&T will be the owners of a lot of the programming on the system. There will be outages and programming disputes left and right! It was a big mistake letting them buy Time Warner's media assets. We are going to pay the price if they sell Directv. Watch what I tell you.
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    Protection plan

    I agree with the second part of his comment. I for some odd reason felt that my dish was more stable under the protection plan. It would stay off for two or three days in rainy weather before I got the plan. I haven't had those days in a while. I'm not saying in a heavy rain storm that it...
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    DirecTV Billing Credit Report ETF problem PLEASE HELP

    Go through the dispute process with the top three credit bureaus. It is a pain in the neck. Just file a dispute and have it placed in your files. Also - file a complaint with the CFPB or your state public service commission (PSC). I bet you will win against big bad AT&T. Start this as soon as...