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  1. mike123abc

    Major manufactures start dropping 3D

    Is it the end of 3D TV? Samsung 2016 models will not have 3D, LG reducing 3D to only 20% of high end TVs sold:
  2. mike123abc

    VLC player now on AppleTV

    The new model of AppleTV can now install the VLC player. It is a full port of the player, but does not have cloud video support in it yet. They are planning on adding it. Right now you can play from LAN devices. I use the VLC player all the time on my PC since it plays just about anything...
  3. mike123abc

    Sling fears the walking dead Looks like Sling could not handle the volume of the "Fear the Walking Dead" watchers last night. They tweeted out an apology.
  4. mike123abc

    Apple owns streaming hardware market New studies of internet traffic shows that for watching paid subscription content like netflix or hulu Apple hardware is used 62% of the time. For unpaid like youtube Apple commands 82%. Apple TV has more market share than...
  5. mike123abc

    FCC might reject Dish's "small business" discounts from last auction During the last cell phone spectrum auction Dish used 2 small companies to bid for it to get discounts of around 3.3 billion. Now the FCC is considering forcing Dish to pay the full...
  6. mike123abc

    Fox orders X-Files mini series

    As reported (but no links in this thread allowed) a 6 episode miniseries of X-Files with the original actors David Duchovny as Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully. I am ready to believe! Are you?
  7. mike123abc

    X Files Returns

    Reports now of X-Files with original Fox Mulder and Dana Scully (David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson ) A 6 episode mini event series.
  8. mike123abc

    WSJ reports that streaming services are now hammering cable ratings The WSJ is...
  9. mike123abc

    Will you buy an Apple Watch?

    I am on the fence right now. I am wondering if I should or should not. I am tempted, plus the fact that I feel I missed out some not getting the iPhone and waiting until the iPhone 3G to get one. So, who is going to order one? Right now I am leaning about 80% towards risking it...
  10. mike123abc

    Indiana Jones reboot

    Reports that Chris Pratt is being considered being cast to be the next Indiana Jones. Will Harrison Ford play his dad this time?
  11. mike123abc

    Loving the new TiVo update

    The latest TiVo update with Amazon streaming and VUDU streaming is great! I had a bunch of Ultraviolet movies via free Blu-Ray Digital copy and other offers. I used a roku to access before, but I find the TiVo much better and more convenient. The same with Amazon prime. Not to mention the...
  12. mike123abc

    New iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2

    Oops, ahead of the announcement tomorrow Apple accidentally posted the user manuals! Apple Outs iPad mini 3 iPad Air 2 via iTunes Store/article36725.htm and
  13. mike123abc

    Z Nation

    Syfy is at it again. With the same people that brought up sharknado they are now going to have their own The Walking Dead wantabe with Z-Nation. Premiere on 9/12. Should be in range of most DVR's guides to set timers now.
  14. mike123abc

    55" OLED drops 75% LG is dropping the price to $3500. It is still expensive for 1080P, but it is a big drop from last year's 55" model that cost $15k. Coming to a Best Buy near you soon. If it was a 4k unit I would be more sold on it, but it is...
  15. mike123abc

    Netflix signs deal with AT&T for fastlane,27362.html
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    I went to see this movie today. I had to go down to Dallas to see it since it is still in pretty limited release. It goes wider on Friday. I did not really know what to expect. It has gotten great reviews (rotten tomatoes currently at 99/92), but it was also 2 hours 45 minutes. I was not...
  17. mike123abc

    Time Warner HD only

    Interesting I received a new channel lineup from TWC. They state "All Channels in HD where available". They no longer have separate SD vs HD channels. I am sure they are going to have some channels in SD only since they are currently not in HD now, but it looks like they intend to go HD only...
  18. mike123abc

    Maps of providers and their LTE spectrum usage

    When you look at the maps in the story below it is easy to see why VZ leads in LTE performance. They have a lot of spectrum dedicated to LTE. Sprint has a ton of spectrum, in fact they are only using about 1/3 the clearwire spectrum for LTE. It will be interesting to see what they are...
  19. mike123abc

    NBC and Dish near agreement on ad skipping? Yes pay site but will be all over the news for free soon I am sure.
  20. mike123abc

    VZ eyeing Dish (well at least its spectrum) The rumor mill of Dish and a phone company never seems to die, but now the New York Post has an article speculating that VZ wants Dish - well a part of it anyways! Too bad if VZ just gets it without Dish trying to...