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    No video with DishAnywhere and Hopper 3

    Comcast for internet, and Verizon for phone. But with the 722 and these same carriers, DishAnywhere worked fine.
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    No video with DishAnywhere and Hopper 3

    A couple of months ago, I upgraded from a 722 with a sling adapter to a Hopper 3. With the 722, DishAnywhere worked fine with my phone (LG G6) and with my laptop (using Firefox). A little over a week ago, while on a trip, I tried to use DishAnywhere for the first time since getting the...
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    Dish receiver on a non interruptible power supply.

    My 722 works just fine connected to a UPS. You don't happen to have the coax from the dish connected to the coax surge suppressor that was intended for an OTA antenna?
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    Replacement 722 Means Lost External HD Recordings?

    Thanks for the suggestion of getting them to send a hit. The EHD is now working.
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    Replacement 722 Means Lost External HD Recordings?

    About a month ago, our VIP 722 receiver had to be replaced. Today, I connected the external HD, which had a large number of recorded programs, to the new receiver for the first time. I got Warning 866, which said that an external HD could only be used with one receiver, and that I would have...
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    Movies Disappear Overnight with 722 and L812

    This morning things got even stranger. We were going to download the movie that had disappeared, but found that it now was back in the list of downloaded movies. Since the time left to view had decreased by about a day, it seems that it had not been deleted from the hard drive. But it was not...
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    Movies Disappear Overnight with 722 and L812

    Seems like a bug from years ago has reappeared on the 722 running L812. Last night we downloaded a Blockbuster at home movie that allowed 30 days to view. When we went to watch it today, it was gone. Someone on the other forum is also reporting this problem.
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    Question about using 622/722 for two room viewing

    We are doing something similar to what you want to do. We have HD TV's in both the family room and the bedroom. The receiver (722) is in the family room. The family room TV is connected via the HDMI output, and we have component & audio cables running to the bedroom TV. Monoprice has a...
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    Fast forward freeze on 622

    Had a similar thing happen the other day. I had paused a live show, and later, when fast forwarding through a bunch of commercials, the sound from TV1 disappeared (both stereo and optical outputs). Since it was a SD program, we watched the rest of it using the TV2 output. A soft reboot...
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    L4.03 on 622

    Got updated from 366 to 403 last night. It came down a couple of minutes before a timer was set to start. I heard the fan noise that occurs with a reboot and took a look. The timer had been canceled, as expected. When I hit the record button it would not record the program, saying something...
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    I got my 622's download... 4.03?

    Got 403 last night and now show LNB drift on 61.5, so its not only 129.
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    The Upgrade Path

    I just got off the phone with a CSR, and he said that I will be able to get the 622 with the $200 rebate if I wait until April 1st, even though all I have is an 811. He is supposed to have made an entry in my account so that I am already on the list. An e-mail with all of the details is...
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    Post your VOOM Activation Stories here

    Went with the special that the Dishstore was advertising on the Voom forum. The installation was today, and everything went well. The appointment was for 8 to noon, and the installer showed up at about 9. He was here about 1.5 hours. He installed the Dish 500 right next to the existing...