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  1. NightRyder

    Netflix Introduces New Plans and Price Changes

    This Sucks!
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    Blu-ray player sales down despite format victory

    Blu-ray player sales down despite format victory | Tech news blog - CNET Looks like it wasn't the HD DVD/Blu-ray battle that was keeping potential customers away from high-definition video players after all. The NPD Group released some of its retail sales tracking data Wednesday...
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    IBM Streams HD Video at 3Mbps

    PC World - IBM Streams HD Video at 3Mbps NightRyder
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    Amazon Buy 2 Get 1

    Amazon has a buy 2 get 1 free deal on select Blu-ray titles: Message Reminder: Don't forget to support Satellite Guys by purchasing through here! SatelliteGuys.US HD-DVD / Blu-ray SuperStore! - Page 1 NightRyder
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    Problems With Portland Oregon CBS HD Feed

    Anyone else having problems with the Portland, OR CBS HD channel 6421? The problems started about a week and a half ago and have been getting progressively worse: Frequent breakups, green macro blocking, picture freezes. My signal strength is 106+ and all my other HD LIL are fine. I have...
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    New Dish HD Website

    It's back.......:) NightRyder
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    Nagin - Katrinia Was God's Wrath On America,12271,1688856,00.html Katrina showed God was mad at America, says New Orleans mayor Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington Wednesday January 18, 2006 The Guardian The mayor of New Orleans, who excoriated the Bush administration for its indifference...
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    Cool Commercial

    This link is to a UK Honda commercial. I know it's a little old, but I hadn't seen it before. The engineers/gear heads will love this! “Very important that you understand: There are no computer graphics or digital tricks in the film. Everything you see really happened in real time...
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    This is why the looting wasn't as bad in Texas...

    This is why the looting wasn't as bad in Texas... :D NightRyder
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    New 811 Software P3.30

    According to Dish's website there is a new version of software in limited release for the 811. Sorry no details yet. What will they fix and break this time? Stay tuned for all the fun! NightRyder
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    P287 Release Notes

    Here's a link to the release notes for P287. NightRyder
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    P285 Roll-out Halted. P287 To Be Released Today

    According to Posts in the 811 support forum at DBS Talk, distribution and testing on P285 has ceased. A new version, P287 is to begin roll-out today. No details on P287 yet. Looks like most of us will never see P285. NightRyder
  13. NightRyder

    Problems With CBS-HD On 148?

    Has anyone else noticed problems with CBS-HD West? For the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing intermittent pixilation , audio dropouts and 2 green lines that occasionally flash at the top of the screen. I am going to report this to E* but need to know if it's widespread or not. Thanks...
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    HomePlug Networking

    Slow day. :) This is somewhat E* related.,aid,120175,tk,dn032805X,00.asp HomePlug Networking Charges Up Technology promises faster video access. Toni Kistner, Network World Monday, March 28, 2005 If you judge a home network...
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    Echostar 10K Filing Has Been Posted

    ECHOSTAR COMMUNICATIONS CORP filed this 10-K on 03/16/2005. NightRyder
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    E* settles $240M insurance claim for malfunctioning sat

    Paying for Rainbow 1 just got a lot easier :D NightRyder
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    EchoStar and Rainbow DBS File FCC Application DISH: Rainbow Deal Will Allow for More Capacity EchoStar and Rainbow DBS, the entity controlled by Cablevision that operates the VOOM satellite TV service, approached the Federal Communications Commission concerning their...
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    Looks Like 2.84 Now in Wide Release

    According to the Dish website the 2.84 software update should now be in wide release. Anyone still waiting should now be able to receive the upgrade. NightRyder
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    DNS Gone For Most New Subscribers

    Looks like Dish has updated their address broker to reflect the new SHERVA law. Typed in my white area address and I'm no longer eligible for Distant Networks. :( . If I understand the new law correctly everyone currently with DNS and Grade B or worse gets to keep them, but once you drop DNS or...
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    Strange 811 Problem

    OK, here's a strange one. I am having a problem with one channel on my 811, the channel is HBO2W. The channel pauses every 1 to 2 seconds. I've experienced the freeze frame/stop motion bug before and this isn't it. This is the only channel that is having this problem and, here's the strange...