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  1. Mister B

    Web Site Down

    I have not been able to sign into my account with Orby since last Friday. I want to put my service "on pause" for the month of November as I will busy with other projects and what time I have for TV I can use to catch up on DVDs. When trying to sign in I get an endlessly spinning yellow...
  2. Mister B

    Better SD PQ?

    I had the Orby system on "pause" for the month of September as I knew that I would be out of town much of the month. This is one feature that I liked about this service. Now that I have it back it on, I am thinking that the picture quality is much better on the SD channels. In particular...
  3. Mister B

    Partner with Tivo?

    I just recently pulled my old Tivo with Lifetime out of the closet and have been getting reacquainted with the OTA channels in my area. Tivo has always had difficulty keeping up with channel frequency and network affiliation changes. It seems as if they do not correct any mis-information until...
  4. Mister B

    Connected Antenna

    Since I started with Orby about 3 weeks ago I had it only connected to the Winegard dish. I was afraid to connect my antenna directly to the DVR without a di-plexer (excuse the hyphen) as I know that current runs back up the cable to the LNB and I assume that would electrify the antenna, or...
  5. Mister B

    Shooting for 87 West

    I have been posting over on the Orby forum as I purchased a Winegard DS-2076 and Geosat Pro SL1-PLL rather than the Orby supplied equipment. While I would certainly recommend Orby to some friends and relatives, my tastes are such that there are only a handful of channels that interest me and...
  6. Mister B

    DVR will not extend recordings

    I have noticed that my DVR will not extend the recording time even though I have selected the 10 minute option both on a one time basis while setting up a scheduled recording and as a permanent option under the "recording preferences" menu. When I go to "scheduled recordings" and check the time...
  7. Mister B

    Which dish for self install?

    I am just about ready to try this service and I would really like to buy my own dish and do a self install. I had several FTA dishes about 15 years ago and am sure I could still do it. How much signal gain could I expect in comparing the dish Orby supplies in their self install kit, the...
  8. Mister B

    Owner's Manual ?

    I have searched for the owner's manual for the DVR on-line unsuccessfully. If any member has found this, please provide a link. If anyone with the paper version is willing to scan it into our forum, that would be a valuable service.
  9. Mister B

    Which Guide Service?

    Have any early adopters figured out which guide service Orby uses? I would certainly prefer Gracenote over Rovi/Tivo. There may be others.
  10. Mister B

    What size dish for COZI ?

    I have been considering getting back into Ku-band FTA. There is just not much content that I would be interested in nowadays. I can get two PBS affiliates and their sub-channels OTA. The only other FTA programming that I would be interested in is COZI which is not available in my area. Also...
  11. Mister B

    KVCR Going to Low VHF

    Last year a friend of mine in the Los Angeles area asked me to put up an antenna at his vacation home in San Juan Capistrano. I had previously told him there was not much hope based on TVFool results but he really wanted to give it a try rather than use a pay service for just a couple of days...
  12. Mister B

    Super Old School Cord Cut

    Just two weeks ago I cancelled my Directv service. After the promotional period expired I just was not going to pay over $90 a month for TV. I even paid off my contract for the remaining year at $ 20 per month but of course still save a lot of money. I immediately remounted my antenna but with...
  13. Mister B

    [Texas] 1060 AM El Paso

    We have an interesting "new" station here in the El Paso area. It has been Spanish for as long as I can remember but now is playing a very wide variety of English language music from the 60's to present day. I am even hearing dance and alternative rock versions from 12 inch singles. The only...
  14. Mister B

    Family Package Regional?

    I called customer support last week to inquire about the Family Package which can still be referenced through my on-line account ( if I dig long enough ). I wanted to know if this would be an option when I face the price increase at the end of my promotional period since I watch so much local...
  15. Mister B

    HD fee for Movies Extra Pack?

    I have had the all included Select Pack since last November. I was interested in adding the Movies Extra Pack at $4.99 per month. When I went to my account there was a warning that I would also have to pay a $10 per month HD access fee. I of course already get HD. Is this true? I certainly am...
  16. Mister B

    X Company

    I would like to share my positive review of X Company showing Monday evenings on the Ovation Channel. It is roughly based on Canadian history about a group of young people working under cover in opposition to Hitler's Germany during WWII. I found the show to be quite well done with...
  17. Mister B

    Which Spot-beams do I Get?

    I am curious which spot beams are my El Paso locals and which are neighboring DMA's? I have "googled around" and tried our forum search feature but only once came across some information my computer could not open. If any members know this data it would be appreciated. These are my spotbeam...
  18. Mister B

    How to get MHz Worldview

    When I signed up for DTV's Select package in November I was looking forward to getting MHz Worldview on channel 2183 as I used to be able to pick it up OTA as a sub-channel from KRWG in New Mexico. However, in my current location it would take extreme measures. I now see that it requires...
  19. Mister B

    "Aps" vs. Computer?

    Do "aps" on smart TVs or add on devices such as Roku which are used to view services such as Netflix or Amazon connect directly to the video service provider, or do they go through their own system first? I have "googled" this question and most opinions are that they connect directly. If that...
  20. Mister B

    KDBC in El Paso update

    Sub-channel 4.2 (rf 18.4) is now the TBD network when not MY Network from 6 to 8 PM on weekdays.