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  1. rdale

    4K vs 4K HDR

    I was able to watch 4K college football just fine... But now when I switch to watch Olympics, I see them in 4K for a few seconds, my TV recognizes 4K format, and then a big Dish banner pops up saying my TV doesn’t support this format. All while I see the action just fine behind it. Any insight...
  2. rdale

    YES Network Dropped from DISH

    Last year DISH added YES Network for MLB Extra Innings games that were not covered by a DISH sports network. I don't see any signs of the Yankees games versus Toronto next week. Anyone else notice it's gone or just me?
  3. rdale

    Massive Sports Timer Problem

    Hopper 3. I have the Yankees set up. At the start of the week it showed 4 games being recorded M-F (perfect.) I checked every night before going to bed and the next day's game was set to be recorded. Out of the 3 games played so far, only one was recorded. I have the Canadiens set up. Last...
  4. rdale

    Longer Recording Times

    For some reason after all these years we can select 1, 3, and 5 minute recording timer extension (why would anyone need any more than one of those three) and still CANNOT do a 3 hour extension. Baseball is back - which means rain delays and extra innings. There's no reason I can think of that we...
  5. rdale

    MLB Extra Innings is Live!

    ...and you can authenticate your subscription with MLB.TV
  6. rdale

    Sports Timers Broken - Again

    I deleted my Montreal Canadiens timer, and my New York Yankees timer, and set them up again. Tonight's Canadiens game is not set to record, no Center Ice Canadiens games are set to record, and no MLB Network Yankees games are set to record. What's the trick?
  7. rdale

    U332 Recordings Bug

    When I'm at the main (no) folder, if I hit options and Manage Recordings, I can only manage recordings that were not recorded as part of Prime Time. So any network shows cannot be moved to another folder. Anyone have a workaround while we await a fix?
  8. rdale

    Hockey Timer Broken with U332

    I woke up yesterday to the new software... All of my Montreal Canadiens recording disappeared from the schedule. Thankfully I noticed so manually recorded Saturday night's game. I deleted the timer, went back through Search, found the Canadiens, set up a new timer, and it still doesn't see any...
  9. rdale

    NHL Center Ice with NHL.TV

    This year Dish Network had an agreement with MLB where subscribers to MLB Extra Innings on Dish could get a free MLB.TV subscription. NHL offers the same deal, so if you sign up for Center Ice you can get NHL.TV for free (which is GREAT for a Canadiens fan - many of our games are not in HD.)...
  10. rdale

    NASA TV - HD or do we lose it?

    NASA TV on Dish has been the SD feed. It's no longer an option... From NASA: ADVISORY: Beginning on June 1, 2016, NASA Television becomes fully High Definition (HD) and will no longer distribute a Standard Definition (SD) feed. On that date, the programming previously aired on NASA TV...
  11. rdale

    Dish Anywhere app - Need To Authenticate

    I picked up an iPad Pro 9.7" (love it!) and watch shows no problem whether it's live or from the Hopper 3's DVR. I can transfer shows to my iPad fine, just like before with my iPad Air 2. However all my transfers have "need to authenticate" stamped on them. I've rebooted, force closed the app...
  12. rdale

    Extra Innings Question for non-carried RSNs?

    This is my first year subscribing to MLB through Dish. Wednesday games between Houston and New York is not listed on the Wednesday guide. Since Dish doesn't carry either RSN, is that to be expected? I thought someone mentioned they temporarily add a feed in these cases but based on the missing...
  13. rdale

    OTA: H3 bug or something else?

    Since my local ABC affiliate has been off the air since last year, I broke down and got a USB adapter. Everything sets up fine - but 2 days later the guide for that particular channel says nothing but "WLAJ is no longer provided" or something like that. Sort of ruins the ability to set timers...
  14. rdale

    Hopper 3 PIP Swap Problem

    When I put my Hopper 3 in "regular" PIP, it says "Press INPUT to swap". There is no input button on my remote. What do I press?
  15. rdale

    H3 request: Longer post-show recordings

    Due to rain delays and extra innings, I missed a few endings of baseball games last year. With 4 tuners I understood the need to cut off the max at 90 minutes. With 16 tuners, that no longer applies :) I'd love to see a 3 hour option for post-show recordings too...
  16. rdale

    Wireless Joey & H3 Not Happy

    Sometime in the last few days I now have a "feature" on my new Wireless Joey (I upgraded from a Joey 1 with "unauthorized" wireless.) Now when I check the DVR, it shows that every new show has been watched. Every time I try to play a show, it starts at the end and asks if I want to delete /...
  17. rdale

    Can't Transfer All Recordings to EHD

    I am moving Friday morning and thanks to DIRT help am upgrading from the original Hopper to HWS. I hooked up an EHD last night to transfer all my recordings. It did all except the four most recent network shows (Hells Kitchen, SYTYCD, etc) from this week. When I go to the transfer menu it says I...
  18. rdale

    Where is Fox Sports 2

    The crawl on FS1 says the baseball game was moved to FS2 which is channel 398 on Dish. The website says the same. 398 is HRTV for me...
  19. rdale

    Frequent Reboots Required

    For the last month or two I'm finding the need to hit the reset button at least once a week on ku original hopper. I'll notice that the remote stops working, and then after a minute all the buttons I pressed start working at once, then the receiver will freeze for a few minutes. Then it'll be...
  20. rdale

    No hockey in Gamefinder?

    NHL is grated out, and my teams says no games being played the next 4 days. Does Dish know they started tonight?