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    Orby working but goes out when cloudy

    So I have had Orby for a little over a month. I am running a 30-31" dish with the proper lnb (single). Every time the weather is cloudy I loose signal. The best I have gotten a SM of 54 and signal strength of 85. When cloudy it goes to 0, 0. It is a direct line of coax with no splitters. Is it...
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    Issues finding satellite

    I got everything for the satellite end and is having issues finding the satellite. Satellite finder is hitting satelitte but the receiver is not (zero on everything). Any ideas? The satellite that I think I am hitting is Eulesat 117 A.
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    What diplexer and LNB is needed for DIY install?

    I am looking at doing a DIY install of Orby. I got a 36" FTA dish, OTA anttena, and all the cabling ran. Have not gotten a receiver yet. What single LO 10750 LNBF is recommended and what specific duplexer is needed for combining sat and anttena?
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    OTHER Diseqc 1.2 motor on a budget

    I am looking at trying to buy a diseqc 1.2 motor for a 30" dish. I cannot find one under a hundred dollars. I am wondering if there is a better deal and if so can y'all point me to the right direction please.
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    OTHER Help Setting up KU dish for G19

    I am trying to set up my first FTA dish and I live in NE Texas. I have 30" dish with a Manhattan RC-1978 receiver and a orbital Tracker single KU LNBF. I know I got the elevation right and I think I got the azimuth right also. All I am able to receive is 55 scrambled channels. I do not know what...