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  1. Kraven

    channel master Stream +

    Channel Master Announces Stream+ Media Player and Antenna DVR | Channel Master Blog Introductory price of 99$. I was about to order one until reading it records OTA onto a microSD card. My calculations a 128gb card might give you 12hours of recording.
  2. Kraven

    Resident Evil (XBone)

    Going through the Xbox store sales noticed a few RE remastered games on sale. Does anyone have a list of the games in sequence? IE- Does Resident Evil, RE Revelations, RE Survival, RE 4, RE5 etc ? Cheers, K
  3. Kraven

    Brother Laser Printer

    The Brother DCP-1612W laser printer is on sale for 59$ Canadian (including free shipping). Anyone have any experience w/ this model and/or brand. I was holding out for an HP or Cannon on Black Friday but price wise I might jump on this. Cheers, K
  4. Kraven

    Amazon Prime Video Coming to Canada Inc (AMZN.O 1.22%) will launch its Prime Video service in Canada on Thursday, according to a statement made by Bell Media's president at a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications...
  5. Kraven

    Rasberry Pi 2/3

    Am so out of the loop its not even acceptable anymore. Do these have any useful functions? Local electronics store now carries a few so am curious as that what purpose they can serve.. Cheers, K
  6. Kraven

    SLING vs VU

    Am on the fence as to which one to get. Any feedback, pros/cons of either service?
  7. Kraven


    Thinking of adding some TV for the GF and little guy during this upcoming winter. Any pros/cons of either service compared to each other? From what I gather both offer almost the same channels. Sling would cost 5$ less than Flex 29.99$ vs 25$). Already picking up 30 OTA channels so locals...
  8. Kraven

    Netflix Crash / Luke Cage Here's guessing Luke Cage is going to be popular...
  9. Kraven

    And another idiot athlete Boxing Heavyweight champ Tyson Fury tests positive for cocaine. Title rematch canceled and likely stripped of his belts.
  10. Kraven

    CW on Roku "The app does NOT require users to create an account or authenticate with their pay TV credentials. Instead it serves up the most recent five episodes of the network’s shows to anyone and everyone who wants to see them The...
  11. Kraven

    What to do.. need ideas

    Cleaned up the shop last night. Dusted off a Dell 780 slim desktop and 3 dual core laptops. Any cool ideas of what I can do w/ these? Cheers, K
  12. Kraven

    Dear Rex Ryan

    In the remote chance your barber's son's best friend's cousin's neighbour is a member of this forum... For the love of God please just shut up. Your big mouth has repeatedly embarrassed you over and over yet you don't seem to get it through your Herman Munster thick head that talking trash...
  13. Kraven

    Linux Distro recommendation

    Any recommendations on which linux distro to install on 2 Dell laptops I just picked up? I used MINT on another laptop for over a year and really liked it. Wondering if I should just go with it or try something new? i5, 6gb ram, 350gb HD. Cheers, K
  14. Kraven

    MLB Fan of the Week (Click on video)
  15. Kraven

    Lesnar tested positive

  16. Kraven

    MINI-NES Classic Edition The new device, called the NES Classic Edition, is a shrunken replica of the console that launched in North America in 1985, which over its lifetime sold more than 61 million units worldwide. It will come...
  17. Kraven

    Blood Father Great to see Mel back on the silver screen.
  18. Kraven

    Netflix: Lost in Space Streaming giant Netflix has handed out a ten-episode series order for "Lost In Space," the reimagined contemporary reboot of Irwin Allen's classic 1960s sci-fi series from Legendary Television. Source: Dark...
  19. Kraven

    Google Chromecast

    Any feedback on these? Have one unit still sealed for over 9 months now. Undecided if its worth installing or not. Cheers, K
  20. Kraven

    ESPN Cameraman vs Kid Kid wins epic stare down! See video