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  1. jimgoe

    Returning customer, need advice

    4 - multiple folders can be created on the hopper 3 although I'm not sure of the maximum number. When creating a timer it is optional to specify a folder for the recording. The default is no folder. Within the folder it will create subfolders if there are multiple episodes of a program. On an...
  2. jimgoe

    Pub membership expiration question

    No wonder I couldn't find anything. Pub renewal has been ordered. No wonder I couldn't find a renewal date! Thanks again for keeping this great community going.
  3. jimgoe

    Pub membership expiration question

    Is there anyplace the pub membership expiration date is shown? I remember seeing it somewhere years ago but can't find it now. If I renew before expiration it will automatically just extend the existing membership, won't it? My H3 and 4k Joeys will be installed tomorrow. It's been a blast...
  4. jimgoe


    I am also interested in upgrading to the Hopper 3. Thanks!
  5. jimgoe

    USB3 2TB HD

    I tested with an existing WD My Book 3TB drive this week and it worked fine. Then I purchased a new WD My Book 3TB drive and am transferring programs right now. It is working without any problems. I also have a 2TB drive attached and my Hopper w/sling shows the 3TB drive with 1.5 x the...
  6. jimgoe

    More Changes...

    I will need to show my 10 year old granddaughter the Minecraft option in AD Styler. She will be instantly impressed with SatelliteGuys! The site looked good yesterday. It looks even better today.
  7. jimgoe

    Welcome Back!

    I was just looking and Pub access worked fine. This reminds me of my prior life as a software developer. You are working at breakneck speed fixing things as people are pounding away on the keyboards checking their favorite bugs. Thanks again for giving us your holiday.
  8. jimgoe

    Welcome Back!

    Thanks for spending your holiday working on SatelliteGuys. Looks good so far. Perhaps it is premature but I was unable to view posts in the Pub, I get the message.... SatelliteGuys - Error You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action. The Dish forum appeared to be just...
  9. jimgoe

    DishAnywhere mobile app totally useless lately?

    Fabulous news! I have tried this on a Nexus 7 and an iPad mini and both work now. At first it did show all the receivers old and new. After logging out and back in it only shows the correct receiver and I was able to play back a recorded program. Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  10. jimgoe

    Hopper Upgrades

    I'd appreciate being contacted about a system upgrade. We would like to upgrade our 2 Hopper, 2 Joey system to 1 Hopper w/Sling, 1 Super Joey, and keep the 2 existing Joeys. The system was installed the first weekend after the Hopper release so we are out of contract. Also, would it be...
  11. jimgoe

    Hopper S221 Feedback

    Cancelled by user fixed? Both our hoppers had S221 this morning. After running tests on both it appears that the problem of recordings showing as cancelled by user has been fixed. The test for this was to schedule 3 programs then schedule another 3 on different channels immediately after the...
  12. jimgoe

    Hopper S216 Feedback

    I tested with S217 this morning and the cancelled by user problem still exists. It wouldn't be so bad if the hopper would reschedule the skipped recording, but it does not.
  13. jimgoe

    Hopper S216 Feedback

    Actually the hopper is in my office, thus named "office". It almost always says cancelled by the hopper where it is supposed to record.
  14. jimgoe

    Hopper S216 Feedback

    Recording canceled by user We updated to S216 on both hoppers overnight and the problem with timers showing as canceled by user is still occurring. It is very easy to duplicate. Set up 3 half hour programs to record at the same time. Then create 3 new timers (all on different channels) for...
  15. jimgoe

    More Team Summt Pics

    Have you found a keyboard that works? I have tried that before and just did so again with the current software. It only recognizes the number keys and a few others. The alpha keys are not recognized. Tried both upper and lower case. The numeric keys (both 10 key pad and upper row of number...
  16. jimgoe

    PTAT question for Scott or anyone with Hopper installed now

    Can anyone confirm that PTAT does work as described in the answer from Dish to question 11? 11) Question about PTAT. If I currently have a timer for Fringe on Fox, will I still need a timer on the Hopper to have Fringe automatically move to my part of the hard drive, or is the only way to save...
  17. jimgoe

    Hopper news updates

    Thanks for the update. The wait is driving me crazy! Now that you have details on retailer payments, am I doing a local retailer any favors by upgrading directly from them? Or does the vast majority of dealer profit come from new customers?
  18. jimgoe

    Enter To Win a BOXEE BOX by DLINK!

    Merry Christmas everyone! Have a safe, happy, and warm holiday.
  19. jimgoe

    Orlando area WOFL OTA EPG

    Today I had a call from a tech with Echo* engineering about this issue. He must have been working on DobieLuvr's issue. I reported a problem with WOFL OTA listings in an email to in January. He wanted to be sure my problem from back then was indeed fixed. WESH also...