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  1. jimgoe

    Pub membership expiration question

    Is there anyplace the pub membership expiration date is shown? I remember seeing it somewhere years ago but can't find it now. If I renew before expiration it will automatically just extend the existing membership, won't it? My H3 and 4k Joeys will be installed tomorrow. It's been a blast...
  2. jimgoe

    PTAT question for Scott or anyone with Hopper installed now

    Can anyone confirm that PTAT does work as described in the answer from Dish to question 11? 11) Question about PTAT. If I currently have a timer for Fringe on Fox, will I still need a timer on the Hopper to have Fringe automatically move to my part of the hard drive, or is the only way to save...
  3. jimgoe

    Picture quality with S-Video vs RF output

    I would like to connect a receiver to my Windows Media Center computer. Does anyone have any real world experience comparing the picture quality of an S-Video connection with RF? It appears that the 211k is the only one of the most current receivers to offer S-Video.
  4. jimgoe

    How to get the receiver models I want

    I am about ready to return to Dish Network after 5 and a half years of Brighthouse Networks. Once I see a little more about how the 722k works in the field it will be time. What is the best way to order a system and receive the specific receivers I want? This move makes sense for us if we...