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  1. chaddux

    Antenna Suggestions

    I am trying this OTA thing as a cord cutter but I'm having trouble selecting the right antenna. The towers for all of my affiliates are between 15 and 29 miles away. My main problem seems to be the direction of the towers. One is north at 14 degrees, one is east at 91 degrees, one is southeast...
  2. chaddux

    Page Forwarding Ads

    Scott, I don't like page-forwarding ads, the ads where you are redirected to a whole new site and can't get back to the original site because it keeps forwarding you over and over again. That happened here on SatelliteGuys. Pictures are attached. Please do away with these. Thanks, Chad
  3. chaddux

    My failed DirecTV install

    After 8.5 years of being a Dish customer, I finally decided to switch to DirecTV. Apparently, that was a mistake and DirecTV has gone out of their way to keep me from becoming a customer. My first install date was last Friday. No one ever showed up. No one called. Nothing. I had to call them...
  4. chaddux

    Just got a call regarding local channel carraige

    I've been trying for a couple of years to get DISH to carry a missing local channel (now two missing local channels) that DIRECTV has carried since they were launched. One of them is a must-carry eligible full power station in our DMA that tried to get carriage in 2004 but was denied based on...
  5. chaddux

    Deal with NPS to "save" distants on DISH!

    The major networks have filed an emergency motion because they think that Echostar's deal with NPS to lease satellite capacity on Echostar 7 at 119 is a deal to keep distant networks on DISH. See attached court filing below. I guess it would work similar to the Sky Angel deal. You are...
  6. chaddux

    Updated: Court blocks Permanent Injuction ordering DISH DVRs disabled

    Some websites and blogs are reporting that the judge in the TiVo case has issued an injunction ordering DISH to disable almost all of their DVRs. Blog Posting Link to Scan of the Judge's Order Updated 08.18.06: Injunction blocked pending appeal. ECHOSTAR ANNOUNCES FEDERAL CIRCUIT...
  7. chaddux

    SportsTime Ohio launched on DISH Network

    Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) and its DISH Network satellite TV service announced today that it is launching SportsTime Ohio, the television network of the Cleveland Indians. SportsTime Ohio is a Northern Ohio regional sports network offering a variety of sports programming...
  8. chaddux

    TV on DVD Deal at Best Buy: Buy One, Get One Free

    Buy any eligible title and get another eligible title free. Here are the eligible titles and seasons: All In The Family 1-4 Dawson's Creek 1-6 Good Times 1-5 King Of Queens 1-4 Married With Children 1-4 Newsradio 1 Outer Limits 1 Rescue Me 1 Sanford And Son 1-6 Seinfeld 1-6 Soap 1-4...
  9. chaddux

    Automatic Read Receipt for PM

    With the old software, the option for Read Receipts for private messages was checked by default. Is there an option to make it checked by default with the new software? I've looked all over for the option but can't find one.
  10. chaddux

    L2.55 spooling for 522s/625s as of 09.27.05

    It is currently in limited release to both receivers.
  11. chaddux

    More Significantly Viewed stations launched

    According to DISH's website: Austin, TX Enhanced 1 Austin, TX Enhanced 2 Terre Haute Enhanced 1 Tyler, TX Enhanced 1 Tyler, TX Enhanced 2 I am in the Tyler DMA but have no additional channels available at this time.
  12. chaddux

    Strange new oddity with L2.53 on the 522

    I got L2.53 early this morning and noticed that my DVR recorded an event that had no timer set-up for it. It recorded an episode of Crossing Jordan on A&E. If the guide had simply been incorrect and the DVR thought it was recorded another event, the info for the event wouldn't have been correct...
  13. chaddux

    L2.52 now spooling for 522s and 625s

    It is in limited release to 522s and 625s.
  14. chaddux

    Just got a new error message on my 522

    I pulled up a DVR event. When I tried to play it, it immediately kicked back to the event page. In the blue box where the EPG data normally would be present, it says: On the Tech Portal, there is an error code 001 that is for a switch problem but no 01 so I don't know if they are the same...
  15. chaddux

    If you are currently experiencing problems with the 110 satellites...

    Everyone seems to have lost the ability to receive programming from 110 at this time. I don't have any information but I thought I'd start a thread since I'm sure plenty of people will be along.
  16. chaddux

    Audio level: who to complain to

    I'm not sure whether this is a DISH Network problem or a station problem. The audio level on one of my local channels has suddenly become extremely loud. For most channels, I keep the volume level between 45 and 50. For this channel, I have to turn it down to 10-15 because it is extremely loud...
  17. chaddux

    L2.27 to spool for the 942 on 7/07

    "Effective Thursday, July 7th, Engineering plans to spool the FULL PHASE of software version L2.27 for the DP942 receiver. This is primarily a non-forced maintenance release available at ALL satellite locations." From the Tech Depot
  18. chaddux

    Buckle up! L2.50 to spool for 522 and 625 on June 29

    From the Tech Portal, L2.50 will be a limited release to 522s and a widespread release to all 625s beginning tomorrow. "Effective Wednesday, June 29th, Engineering will begin to spool the FIRST PHASE of software version L2.50 for the DP522 receiver." "Effective Wednesday, June 29th...
  19. chaddux

    SatelliteGuys spamming? (No it's not)

    I just got an email from a website peddling FTA satellite products. It was sent to the email address provided ONLY to satelliteguys. As far as I know, that email address is not available publicly on this website so it could only have come from the SatelliteGuys database. I use a technique to...
  20. chaddux

    It appears tonight is the night for AMC-15

    Looks like the wait is finally over and AMC-15 at 105 is being turned on. Details over at DBSTalk in this thread.