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    Frustrated by numerous program guide issues

    My upcoming solution " DUMP DISH "
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    Power Cord Shortage When Coaxial Connected

    DO NOT REMOVE GROUND , you could be shocked if outlet is miswired !!!
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    How many UHF remotes on a 722k

    Thanks all , especially dishdude.
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    How many UHF remotes on a 722k

    722k with 9 TV2s and 5 21.1 remotes . Tried to add another and get message : You are attempting to set both remotes to the same address. You are not allowed to do this. Select another remote address for one of the two remote addresses. I can't find any mention of this error in any of my Dish...
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    Dish VIP722. No HD channels. Fewer satellites than previous

    Had a similar problem with my 722k and W.A. sat 129 . Tech came out and found all 3 lnb's were half filled with WATER . Changed to E.A. to get HD locals not through OTA . Very satisfied.
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    Remote Help

    IR worked but not UHF , but your comment had me try it again and I found the remote RF ant (8' coax) connector had come apart , fixed it . Thanks !!!!!
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    Remote Help

    Just replaced 722k and I can't get it to accept both TV1 IR and TV2 UHF remotes in single mode , It worked before but I forgot to photo SYS INFO. Have 10 remote tv's on TV1, no Hopper hype please but any help will be appreciated.
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    Lots of channels SD only.

    722k , W-arc, Milwaukee.WI. When picking an HD channel on 129, get a message that no HD signal, switching to SD. Never have I've I seen this before. Did a check switch and get a warning that there are less SATS found. Checking DETAILS all three sats ok . Did a cold reboot and things seem...
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    DISHPass on OTA

    Thanks , input 058 and the dash appeared entered the 02 and all ok. Now looking at the EPG I see it shows 058-02 , thanks again.
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    DISHPass on OTA

    Need to set up a DISHPass on a local channel (58-02) on a 722k with a 20.1 remote but can't find a dash . The gUIDE pEOPLE keep changing the program name . Checked manual but didn't find an answer . Thanks for any help .
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    Missing EPG data for OTA channel

    What about my 2 PBS channel EPG data that was lost when the repack took place January 8 ? How about the CW channel EPG data that disappeared this weekend ? Both PBS .2 channels have data not .1's . CBS . all data available. Lots of DIGITAL SERVICE data , and I'm tired of setting manual...
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    Incorrect OTA guide after repack

    Wish that was all that's wrong here in Milwaukee. 2 Sinclair stations 18.1 & 24.1 show same guide data 24.1 is wrong ,24.2 wrong also. 2 Wiegel stations METV 41.1 & WMLW 49.1 show same guide data in Spanish , they are not Spanish station and have different programing. PBS 36.1 has lost guide...
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    Free Previews

    Guide Channel 103 has same info , 2 for 2 .
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    New EPG Info data - strange

    The SHORT recording is not the fault of the EPG , it is a known long time bug in the 722k series and maybe other receivers as well.
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    Hearst Television Inc. blacks out DISH customers in 26 markets

    Dish sure knows (or has hired someone) about using PSIP Data. I still use their DTV PAL DVR which is an only OTA device. It used to have a TVGUIDE EPG over CBS station but lost that several years ago. It is now only PSIP . Have had Dish for 20 years but got the OTA dvr because needed more local...
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    New EPG Info data - strange

    Interesting that during the BLACKOUTs , programs with the black out notices will record multiple times even though they have same TILTLE , same EPISODE: N/N and same YEAR: N/A . Come on DISH get the EPG problem fixed . I spend more time checking that the proper programs records than I do...
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    New EPG Info data - strange

    This is not strange it is B.S. When is DISH going to demand ROVI or whoever supplies the EPG get this fixed. I thought it was just my OTA locals that were screwed up and wouldn't let me record M-F shows even though they were NEW but have Episode: N/A and Year: N/A . I just tried same thing on...
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    What is a "recovery mode" on a VIP722?

    It sure worked for me with 2 replaced 722K'S .
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    VIP 722K not recording the entire program

    Sorry never tried searching here. Go to my profile page and look at the postings I replied to , it will get you to some of the other posts.