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    How many UHF remotes on a 722k

    722k with 9 TV2s and 5 21.1 remotes . Tried to add another and get message : You are attempting to set both remotes to the same address. You are not allowed to do this. Select another remote address for one of the two remote addresses. I can't find any mention of this error in any of my Dish...
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    Remote Help

    Just replaced 722k and I can't get it to accept both TV1 IR and TV2 UHF remotes in single mode , It worked before but I forgot to photo SYS INFO. Have 10 remote tv's on TV1, no Hopper hype please but any help will be appreciated.
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    Lots of channels SD only.

    722k , W-arc, Milwaukee.WI. When picking an HD channel on 129, get a message that no HD signal, switching to SD. Never have I've I seen this before. Did a check switch and get a warning that there are less SATS found. Checking DETAILS all three sats ok . Did a cold reboot and things seem...
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    DISHPass on OTA

    Need to set up a DISHPass on a local channel (58-02) on a 722k with a 20.1 remote but can't find a dash . The gUIDE pEOPLE keep changing the program name . Checked manual but didn't find an answer . Thanks for any help .
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    Timer Limits

    Thinking of HOPPERIZING my Dish system . My 722k has a limit of 96 TIMERS . What does the current Hopper have as a limit? What about the new Hopper 3 , with 16 tuners , I would hope 1024 would be available. Thank for any insight.
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    Accessing EHD

    I just replaced My 722k with another one. I seem to remember getting to my EHD by pressing DVR twice then MEDIA and I was in. Now its DVR once SCROLL DOWN to MY MEDIA / press SELECT then SCROLL UP to MY MEDIA / press SELECT then SCROLL UP to MANAGE DEVICE / press SELECT now I'm in.. What...