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    DirecTV/Dispatch screw up, need number

    Does anyone have the dispatch number for Multiband in east Central IL (or if applicable Bluegrass)? Direct screwed up my order bad and after waiting since Monday I'm now being told it'll be Friday before they get here.
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    Multiple HD Channels out

    Unless/Until they come out with an explanation, I think it's easy to link this to the reports of the Sun shooting all kinds of crap at us this week. With the satellites in geostationary orbit, it would make a ton of sense that the channels get back online as they have the dark side of the earth...
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    Please HELP!

    Well I believe my wife mentioned the PI splitter was away from the Dish. (I'm 6 months out of a 3 level spine fusion so can't move around much on crappy days.) What I established on Saturday was that the connections are wrench tight and "looked" alright at first glace outside...also did the...
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    Please HELP!

    Here's a look at the setup outside: Sorry about the quality...cell pictures early on a cloudy day aren't the greatest. Looking through them I realized that I didn't see the PI splitter over by the dish. Is this normal? I'm guessing it's near/on the outside of the wall...
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    Please HELP!

    I hate doing this but I'll ask again....Any suggestions? Really don't want to call in but may have to. The living room -100 DVR is not working either. I know I've got to be missing something.
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    Please HELP!

    Our setup: 4 HR24-100 (Living, Kids', and our bedroom), 1 HR24-500 (home office), Lines running to/from LNB, square SWM splitter, and what I believe was the power, 1 input, and 4 outputs. PI is with the Living Room DVR...Cable run from dish to wall is 20' and then another 5'...
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    Advanced HD monthly fee.

    I've been nothing both polite and patient with them for a year but they've done nothing but jerk me around while not honoring their mover's connection offer made to us last year. Sometimes there is such a thing as being too polite. It makes you wonder whether they just try to jerk you around...
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    771 A

    I've had the issue since the software update earlier this summer. Never had the problem before so I'm left guessing that something in the software made the receivers a bit more wonky if the coax is even slightly loose.
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    Mover connection question

    Don't get so excited about what they offer you. Once the season starts they will jerk you around with turning it off/on until you just give up. I've been battling with them for over a year about their mover connection offer that I received last year. In short, they failed to live up to any of...
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    DirecTV offers to customers who complain about dropped Viacom channels

    Following up. I called in tonight to see what could be done. They gave me $18 off my bill for 3 months and the movie channels/sports pack free for 2. I thought all was fine until I logged in tonight and my Sunday Ticket/ST credit had been removed and it appears as though they are charging me...
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    DirecTV offers to customers who complain about dropped Viacom channels

    I got screwed over using Movers Connection last year and now they can't even add a measly one time $5 credit because of the way they had to get me the promised mover's connection promos.
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    Directv dispute with Viacom IS OVER!

    They are pulling this at the perfect time. A LOT of those channels are programming for kids/tweens/teens. If this happened during the school year, it would be a much smaller issue. During TV time we've got Nick or one of the Nick channels on 75% of the time. Looks like it's time to call in...
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    DIRECTV reaches deal with Tribune (Or maybe not!)

    I'm a bit curious as well as I am "moved" to Kankakee. Plugging that info into antennaweb yields nothing but a PBS station. I would think that would be the end-all, be-all for the DNS qualification but who knows. Do you think they'll get the DNS out of Baltimore in HD tomorrow or are we stuck...
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    Nomad First Look

    Get an HD-PVR. This is a big swing and a miss. They dumbed it down for the masses but failed to realize that the masses don't care about least not with these specs. The masses want something that ready to go in 10 minutes. Those that are willing to sit through real time...
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    Sunday Ticket To Go 2011-12

    According to Retentions, the PS3 app comes out on the 6th. I'm guessing since it's also a "To Go" app, the dates are probably the same.
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    "Red Flag" on account?

    I figured he would know what it could mean...I know he was fired. Turns out my free Sunday Ticket last year ate up all of my available credits for one year...hence the red flag. So instead of a $70 credit, the nice lady gave me 6 months of $20 credits. Added to the $50 Mover's gave me towards...
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    "Red Flag" on account?

    I am on the phone with retentions and the lady messed up in placing me on a silent hold. I heard her asking someone about a red flag on my account and then commenting that I should be eligible for a free HD-DVR. (Mover's credited me half, she's trying to credit the other half and shipping.)...
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    Attention current NFL ST Subs! - Discounts.

    I "moved" and now am "moving" back to my home via Mover's Connection. Got HBO/Cine/Show/Starz free for 3 months along with T and STTG. Trying to get them to drop the cost of an extra HD-DVR and Whole Home install down to $50.
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    Attention current NFL ST Subs! - Discounts.

    I'm curious if this will work. The Mover's connection is running the same deal. I've "moved" so I'm curious if I am willing to "move' back for a few days, could I go through mover's connection to get the deal? We are thinking of adding an HD-DVR and going with the whole house DVR service so...
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    Premier vs Netflix/BB

    I get all of the premiums and Netflix so this doesn't apply to me. If you are concerned about seeing original series just google "torrents."