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    DP plus splitter for dual tuner receivers vs splitter independent receivers

    I am currently running a VIP 722 receiver on a DP plus splitter and it works fine. I want to get rid of the 722 and power two single tuner 211 receivers from the same single cable input. There must be a different splitter used for this application, as one side of the DP plus has no output...
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    Birdog USB Plus Meter

    I recently purchased a Birdog USB Plus meter. The meter will be used on a Dish Network 1000.2 dish, aligning 119, 110, and 129. Does the Birdog USB plus come pre- programmed with the correct updated positions and names for 119, 110, and 129, or is it necessary to download the latest...
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    Location of 110 and 119 - Two Locations? - 129 to the west

    Are there two areas where you can receive strong signals for the 110 and 119 satellites, but only one to the west where satellite 129 becomes part of the package with 110 and 119? If that is true, than it would be possible to get strong reception on 110 and 119 to the west and be missing 129...
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    Sat. 129 reception with Dish 1000.2

    Peaked a dish 1000.2 with an Accutrac 3+ meter. Reading on 119 is 70, 110 is 65, and 129 is 60. Receivers are a 211 and 222k. Both receivers lock and identify 110 and 119. When you use the point dish function for 129, the message states wrong satellite. The check switch matrix says 110 ok...
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    Loss of signal to 129 Tree branch

    One month ago, I lost the signal to satellite 129. Since then I have added a Dish 1000.2 and peaked the dish on 119 with an accutrac III meter. In scan mode, the accutrac shows all three satellites with 60+ readings. However my receiver( a VIP 211) will not recognize satellite 129...
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    satelite 129 Issues with dish 1000.2 and vip 211

    Okay, so I peaked all three satelites again with the accutrac III plus meter. In scan mode, I have 60 + readings on Lnb1, Lnb2, and LnB3. Lnb4 is the input for another satellite and reads zero. Since the accutrac III does not specifically identify the satellites by name, we will assume that...
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    Software Downloads for VIP 211

    How critical is a software download in trying to get a VIP 211 to recognize the signal from Satellite 129? I know the dish 1000.2 is tuned to all three satellites(110, 119, 129) as confirmed by the accutrac III + meter.
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    Satelite 129 problems on dish 1000.2 Vip 211 tuner

    I am having trouble tuning satellite 129 on a dish 1000.2. I tuned all three satellites 110, 119, and 129 with an Acutrac III plus meter. Scan mode with the Acutrac gave 50 - 60 readings on all three satellites. The tuner a VIP 211, however would not recognize the signal from satellite...
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    alighning dish 1000.2 with accu-trac III

    Anyone have any tips on aligning the dish 1000.2 with the accu-trac III meter? Will it receive readings from 110 119 and 129 from Port #1 all at the same time?