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  1. Arion

    Multiboot file structure across images

    Wondering about file structure changes across different images. For example with the mio plus my main image is OpenVix and I also have the TNAP in a different slot. Just for giggles I installed OpenPli that I used on a different box in the past. My question on the file structure is if I...
  2. Arion

    New Edision Mio+ Owner

    Brian;-- Just got mine today at work and setting it up on the fast internet before I take it home. I see on the plugins that Kodi isn't available as an example. Is there a hidden menu on the TNAP to enable other plugins or to add those plugins to the feed? For grins I already installed...
  3. Arion

    Saved V-Box position location question

    Tek calls it a Superjack but it appears to be a rebranded V-Box. Question is on saving satellite locations. This box supposedly saves positions from 1-99. What I find easiest is to save the position number that corresponds to the satellite position in the arc. Position #1 is for 101W...
  4. Arion

    Many 8' solid dishes available

    Tek2000 just put up on their website that they have many 8' solid dishes with poles available. They are offering the dish with the steel pole for $350 and it's a polar mount. They are offering a complete kit with the actuator, LNBF and receiver and pole for $500. I'm not a Tek 'fanboy' and I...
  5. Arion

    Tek2000 10' Mesh Dish Install & Initial Review

    Hi all; I'm pretty much a total C-Band noob although I've installed a number of motorized KU band dishes and experimented with a 'mini' bud with a C-Band LNB on a 1.2 meter dish. I've had the hankering for many years to get into a real C-Band dish and I wanted new and at a decent price point...
  6. Arion

    V-box II question

    Hi all; Ordered a 10' c-band dish kit from Tek-2000 [I'll do a dish review with pics after install] and they included a V-box II mover. They call it a Superjack but it's definitely a V-box. The manual that comes with it is a translation from Chinese I believe and it doesn't tell you very...
  7. Arion

    Who has a dish motor for a 1.2 meter dish in stock??

    This is getting beyond frustrating. I have an SG-9120 motor for my 1.2 meter dish that broke and I'm trying to replace it. I purchased both the dish and motor from Galaxy [WSI] a few years ago. I went back to the website and ordered another one. The website showed that it was in stock. I...
  8. Arion

    GEOSATpro microHD Firmware Suggestions

    I got mine the other day and it's a great little box. Two little bugs that are a bit irritating however. The first one I've read about it before but can't find the thread where it was referenced. That 'moving dish' box stays on way too long. Quite often if the new satellite is nearby the...
  9. Arion

    4DTV For noobs

    I wonder if some of the more informed members could put a primer together on 4DTV. I am well versed in FTA satellite in many areas but much of the 4DTV is still Greek to me. Since in order to keep 4DTV viable it's important to get new people into this aspect of satellite TV. There are so...
  10. Arion

    Mini-Bud C/KU Lnb options

    Hi all; In about a week I'll be purchasing a 1.2 meter dish from Global and am looking for some ideas on how you have configured your lnb's for those of you that have done this. I currently have a Invacom QPH-031 and I use the circular side of it to get the unencrypted audio off the DirecTv...
  11. Arion

    Are we supporting hacking now?

    This forum uses google ads and this ad was on a page I was viewing. ' I find it ironic that this website that has always been anti-hack is having ads placed on it by the hosting company that supports hacking. Kind of a double message, no?
  12. Arion

    Echostar 9 Polarization

    Hi All; Echostar 9 @121 is this a linear polarization or circular polarization bird?? The transponder package makes it appear linear but can't seem to find anyone who knows for sure.
  13. Arion

    Xtreme 0.3 LNB Product Review

    I ordered my LNB from Pete at PSB satellite. The order was relayed to his supplier and was shipped the same day. It was ordered this past Monday and I recieved it this past Weds. The product arrived in a bubble mailer and was adequetly packed. I would have wished for the spec sheet to be...