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  1. miguelaqui

    Keeping water out of a C Band LNBF when using an offset dish

    I am new to using the C Band FTA. The angles that I have to point the C Band LNBFs on my 8 foot offset dish for the best signal will allow rain water to eventually go into them. It seems that most C Band LNBFs have the caps with holes in them. What do most people use in order to avoid having...
  2. miguelaqui

    Option 1 1 3 3

    I found this a while back , around 2 years ago, but I did not know what it was for. Does this mean that Shaw , through the use of a CSS switch can run a 630 off of one cable , but they choose not to do so?
  3. miguelaqui

    OTHER What do I need to connect a PLL LNB to a feed horn?

    The screws do not match up exactly. Only 2 at a time. Do I need something else? Should it work with only 2 screws connected?
  4. miguelaqui

    Using depart feed horn and LNB

    I have a Prodelin / General Dynamics 2.4 satellite dish. I have been using a standard LNB for my satellite receiver. I have been using a standard cheap LNBF with a cheap bracket bent to use with this particular antenna. When I purchased this dish, I did not fully understand that, in order to...
  5. miguelaqui

    Combining two antennas

    So, I thought no had the concept of combining 2 different antennas pointed in opposite directions figured out, but I might have been wrong. I have tried to combine two of the same type antennas , with the same length of the exact same coax, but something odd happened. As soon as I counted the...
  6. miguelaqui

    For anyone South using Shaw / switching to xKu

    I have had much experience trying to get / use ANIK G1 that I thought I would share. If you are changing to an xKu setup, you have a choice on what to do. Once you have your receivers with the correct code setup from Shaw... I. Simply swap your LNBF with a new xKu LNBF If you are using the...
  7. miguelaqui

    How do I install a 40mm LNBF on a Prodelin 8 foot offset dish?

    I bought an 8 foot offset 2.4 dish from I tried to get a receive-only, but he could not seem to get one in , so he sold me this send/receive, 1.8, for a discounted price. Now , I have an issue with figuring out where the focal point on the dish would be. Since the bracket...
  8. miguelaqui

    How to use a commercial PLL LNB with Shaw

    Someone pointed out that, for some G1 transponders, I might b e able to get with a better quality LNB. I thought that the only options for someone using an antenna, other than one provided by Shaw would have to either use the F1 X TWIN from KUSAT, Shaw Direct, Offset F1X LNBF [XKUF1] at...
  9. miguelaqui

    What is the difference between the "standard" and the .8 f/d reflectors?

    The Prodelin 1194 has a .8 f/d ratio and a low cross polarization. I am considering getting one, but want to make sure that I do not make a mistake. I was just wondering if that would be better or worse for reception in the lower Ku band? I am trying to use it for Shaw Direct's Extended Ku...
  10. miguelaqui

    Do all metal reflectors get more signal than fiberglass for Ku?

    According to the spec sheet for the Antesky 1.8 dish, 1.8 meter,1.8m antenna,1.8m dish-L,ka,S,X,C,KU Band-vsat antenna , it has a higher gain than the Prodelin / General Dynamics, Andrew , Channel Master, and the Global Skyware 1.8 dishes. How in the world could it have 1.5 - 2dB more gain...
  11. miguelaqui

    Raven or General Dynamics for a 1.8 antenna?

    Overall, which who makes the better antenna, Raven / Andrew / Channel Master or General Dynamics / Podelin ? Specifically , the current version of the Raven, model 62-1800-11, the General Dynamics 1184 to try to receive signals between the X and Ku bands. I currently have a Channel Master...
  12. miguelaqui

    Those out of G1 footprint may lose a few channels in the next couple of years.

    First of all, a dealer told me that he is being told by Shaw that they will only grandfather in customers who do not have the xku LNB for another year or so, After that, all customers will have to upgrade or disconnect. This will be bad for those who have an address that is outside Toronto and...
  13. miguelaqui

    What is the furthest south that anyone has gotten Anik G1

    I was just wondering of anyone else had tried to get ANIK G1 outside of the footprint? I was hoping for us to have a good map by now of G1, but not too many seemed interested. I know that I was only able to get one transponder on the VA/NC border on a 6 foot off-set dish. I was just curious...
  14. miguelaqui

    Advice for grounding antennas

    I have 3 antennas on my roof. I have one grounded with a #10 stranded wire to the main ground of my house. I am planning on grounding the other 2 as well, however, my house is close too 40 years-old and the main ground is on the main water line, not on a ground rod. I do realize that the...
  15. miguelaqui

    Pics of antennas in Germany

    These were all taken on Bonn, Germany
  16. miguelaqui

    Are we really losing up to UHF channel 30? Is this correct? Are they really going to take 30-36 away as well? If so, I might as well say goodbye to having 3 DMA's at my house!
  17. miguelaqui

    Would 50 feet of RG6 make a difference for powering an amp?

    Televes, I got the larger UHF only antenna, recommends using solid core copper RG6 from the power supply to the amp on the antenna. I do not have much of that cable, but I do have plenty of RG11, but it also copper-clad.. Would it really make a difference? Plenty of satellite systems work...
  18. miguelaqui

    Did anyone else not know that the newer style UHF yagis are not meant to be level?

    When I took a TV on the roof with me, I , just to check, tried moving the XG91 up and down to see if it made a difference. It did make a slight difference. I had always been taught that, if the mast was level, the the antenna would have the best reception when leveled. Not the case this time.
  19. miguelaqui

    Solid Signal now has Televes antennas! Mine is on the way

    From my username , you might have guessed , but I once spent a lot of time in Spain. I was shocked to see this being sold in the USA, but , I guess they needed the money...
  20. miguelaqui

    A very bad idea that I had to combine my signals

    So, I started thinking about those very old UHF to VHF converter and thought, if I could use one to convert one UHF channel to either channels 5 or 6, I could elevate the use of some of the traps that I have yet to purchase to trap out the noise. Well, I bought one from Ebay. It was a 1972...