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  1. kdjuan

    GEOSATpro Need help setting up USALS with a HH120 motor

    Hey guys I got my new dish a 120cm geosatpro and a HH120 motor. I need some help in getting it going. I can't even get it to move. Iam using a link box 9000i. Do I have something set wrong. Sent from my SM-G975U using the SatelliteGuys app!
  2. kdjuan

    OTHER Ku band dish recommandations

    I was looking into purchasing a new Ku band dish. I would like a 120cm dish with a HH motor. Iam located in Kentucky would a 90cm give me good coverage and a strong signal. Any suggestions.
  3. kdjuan

    Titanium Satellite Reach Limit error

    Hello, I have a ASC1 positioner. I keep getting the attached message in the picture. How can I resolve this issue. Thanks Sent from my SM-G975U using the SatelliteGuys app!
  4. kdjuan

    OTHER Need help finding my dish angles

    Hi guys, i have pulled my hair out trying to get my offset kuband set up on the arc. I need some help with figuring my elevation angle and declination angle. My zip code is 42240. I get a latitude and longitude as 36.8656N 87.4886W. Iam trying to set up a 1.2meter dish with a superjack...
  5. kdjuan

    Any Members in Kentucky

    Anyone in Kentucky email me. thanks, kevin
  6. kdjuan

    Any Members in Kentucky

    Any Members from Kentucky. would you kindly email me. Thanks, Kevin
  7. kdjuan

    LNB Splitter

    I installed Orby using my 4ft kuband dish which has a motor on it to tune to other satellites. My question is how can i split the coaxial cable so that i can use both orby and my FTA receiver. Currently iam using a A/B splitter but i have to get up and switch it. I was wanting to be able to...
  8. kdjuan

    What advantages of a 10ft dish

    Hey guys i currently have a 8ft dish for cband and 4ft offset dish for kuband. I have a chance of having a 10ft dish being given to me. What are some of the advantages of having a 10ft dish. Would it be worth getting it and setting it up. I would get rid of my 8ft dish and still keep my 4ft...
  9. kdjuan

    Help with lnbf

    Guys I have been trying to get my cband dish peaked up. On some satellites iam getting the horizontal transponders and not the vertical ones. This is my dish setup: Its 89inches in diameter. Dish depth of 12inches. Iam using a C1-PLL cband lnbf. Where should I have the scale set up on the top...
  10. kdjuan

    blindscan or fullscan

    Hey guys whats the difference between blindscan and fullscan and when should you use which. Thanks in Advance.
  11. kdjuan

    need help

    Anyone in the forum from Kentucky?
  12. kdjuan

    need help

    Anyone in the forum from Kentucky?
  13. kdjuan

    91w kuband

    can someone check 91w kuband news one feeds, have they gone dark on us?
  14. kdjuan

    OTHER Cband Dish

    Hey guys I need some suggestions and help. Iam located in western Kentucky, I have a 8ft cband mesh dish with Dmyco receiver and a Titanium Satellite C1W-PLL Wideband single LNBF 15 degree. I have issue wish a few satellites with a week transponders signals. How can i get the singals how...
  15. kdjuan

    are you able to use ku band dish

    are you able to your existing ku band dish, with out getting their dish
  16. kdjuan

    Getting Er2 error on VboxII

    Hey guys all of a sudden iam getting a "Er2" error on my VboxII. Any idea of whats going wrong. I have turned it off, unplugged it and all. Thanks in advance.
  17. kdjuan

    FTA Receiver

    Whats the best fta receiver with dual inputs. that you can get.
  18. kdjuan

    transponder 3820 H 29724

    anyone else having issues with transponder it was working fine a few days ago and now it nothing but pixels. The channels are FETV,NEWSY, MNT AMERICA thanks
  19. kdjuan

    BUZZR on 97w

    I enjoy watching the throw back game shows on this channel. i have been getting this channel but now its gone. Do anyone happened to it. Are you guys still able to get it. 3940 H 30000
  20. kdjuan

    Need help with hitting the arc on Kuband satellite

    Hey Guys, Iam able to lock in on 97w which is the closet satellite for my true south position. Iam able to also receive the satellites adjacent on both sides of 97w (95w and 99w). But iam not able to get another satellites besides these 3. what should i do to tweak up and get the other...