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    Condition of LNB

    Done some searching on site, but could not find any info. I was wondering if the condition of the plastic cover on the LNB will affect signal. When LNB was new, cover was clear, but over time it has turned almost a solid white color. I have noticed a signal drop, tweaked the dish and checked...
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    Fortec Star Dynamic

    I am thinking of replacing my current receiver. Did not see any reviews of the Fortec Dynamic and was wondering if any is using one and if so how does it work with motor, blind scan ect.?
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    33" Dish Vs. 39" Dish

    Have searched the threads but have not been able to find a clear answer. Have 33" dish with Sg 2100, quality on 123 averages 50% and on 97 around 30% to 40%. Have tweaked dish but this is the best quality I can get. Problem is, depending on weather I lose siginal quality especialy on 97. Will...
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    Confused on switch type

    I have read through some of the posted threads on switches but am still confused as to what I have to use. I have stationary dish aimed at Galaxy 10R, currently have rg6 cable running to one reciever. Rooms in house are wired with cable outlets,( not hooked up to cable), I want to run rg6 cable...
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    Warped dish 33 "

    Is there any way to check, short of taking dish down and putting on flat surface, to check and see if dish is warped? If I look side on at dish, it appears to be warped a small amount. If dish is warped, what effect if any does it have on trying to fine tune?
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    Fortec Star Classic NA

    Unable to add new transponder numbers on any satellites. Have reset unit with on/off switch on back. Still will not let me add new TP #'s. Any body have idea on how to fix.:yikes Tks.
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    Transponder Question

    Station KTWO-TV ( ABC Caper) on Galaxy 10R has transponder number listed on Lyngsat as 12104 V 2222, checked a couple of other sites and number listed as 1205 V 2222 and 1203 V 2222. Done a power scan on my reciever( Fortec Lifetime Classic) transponder number comes up as 11403 V 2220. Why the...
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    Position of LNB in bracket

    Where should the LNB be placed in bracket. Have read in a couple of different places it should be positioned in middle and some others say it should be positioned as far back as it will go, so the head is tight against bracket Whats right? Also does the position have any affect on fine tunning...
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    Dish Elevation

    First let me wish everyone a Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year. Have a question about dish elevation. If a dish has an offset angle of lets say 24 degrees, when vertical. Do you factor in this 24 degrees when setting the elevation on the dish. Example when a satellite is at 34...
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    Need Some Help

    Not sure what I am doing wrong, but can not get any sat signal. Set up as follows: Receiver Fortec Star LIfetime Classic 33 " Digiwave Dish Standard Single LBNF SG 2100 Motor My Latitude 45.20 N 66.13 Mount pole for motor and dish Level and Plumb Motor and dish set up @ true south (180+18.13)...
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    True South Satellite

    What satellite would be the best to aim at, from my position Lat 46N Long 66 W, True South 180 + 18.2=198.2, AMC 3 or Galaxy 11? :confused:
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    Dish Install

    Have a Digiwave 33" dish, model S750WB. What reference point to you use to set angle of dish on scale? Do you use right or left side of nut, or middle? Other dish I used (18") had a line on the bracket that you could move to set angle. Tks.
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    Dish Install

    Have question on installing 33" dish on roof. I live on hill, were there is little in the way of wind breaks. Fall and winter storm wind gusts can reach 100K (60Miles) sometimes. Should I do anything special in mounting the dish. Thanks for the help :hatsoff:
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    Just droped by to say hello for first time. Checked out a lot of FTA forums, this one looked the best, with lots of topics and help. Just waiting for my dish and motor to arive, no doubt will have questions when it arives:) All the best from the atlantic coast of Canada.