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    OTA Adapter Availability

    Like many others, I have a local channel that was lost due to the Tribune dispute. Having read other posts, I decided to contact Dish via chat on their website to request an OTA antenna. During the conversation I specifically asked if I would be able to record shows on my DVR (I have a 2...
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    TV Dominicana Removed

    Looks like TV Dominicana joins TeleAmazonas and SUR as being removed.
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    Joey Locking Up

    Looks like the Joey in my bedroom has gone haywire. I had problems getting it to power up, so I unplugged it and started up again. Loaded right up but it goes to the 060 update and locks up at 50%. If I try to stop the update, it is unable to find the Hopper. Could it be the Joey is corrupted or...
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    Problem Connecting Internet to New Hopper Install

    Last Friday the hardrive went out on my 722k, so I decided to upgrade to a Hopper/Joey system. The tech asked me about connecting it to the internet, so I ran an ethernet line from my router to the Hopper in the living room. I assumed everything was fine, but after the tech left, I realized that...
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    Questions on EHD/Hopper Upgrade

    I currently have a 722k and a 222k. I have been considering upgrading to a Hopper/3 Joey system and want to minimize the costs in doing so. I have an external hard drive that I use with a media player which I have never hooked up to Dish equipment. It is my understanding I can do so, though it...