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    Answers for dish online

    I just signed backup. I sent emails to dish and have searched dish wesite. I have broadband service available in my house but not very close to my 722K. Can wireless be used to connect to the receiver? Is it worth it? Can't seem to get an answer from Dish. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Dish service in central ohio

    Thinking of switching back to Dish. When I last had it I using a dish for 61.5 and one for 110 & 119. I also had a OTA for Hd locals. It looked like a remote broadcasting station. Had Dtv with one dish and little rain fade problems. I got rid of Dtv when contract ran out due to cost. I usually...
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    Upgrade w/ota problem

    Yesterday had an upgrade from my 811 to a 211. Inaddition the installer was to repeak my superdish to pick up 129 instead of 105(orginally had locals). Had a dp44 switch with the original voom dish with a winguard ota. Since he said he needed to move the dish, he would install a new dish 1000...
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    Dish or Insight

    I currently have Dish and have to subscribe to the 250 pkg w/ HD. The golf channel is only in the upper pkg. I also have RR service from insight. The HD channels I watch the most are avail from insight except for Nat. Geo. I had Insight 4 years ago and was disappointed with the picture...
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    Install scheduled tomorrow-have ?

    I am having my superdish reinstalled after 3 months of voom. From past exp. I don't have a lot of confidence in the installer. I have 2 hdtvs and mmay ad a sd tv in a remote room in the futere. I have a 942 and the installer is bringing a 811. I want to keep the winegard ota for hd locals. Is...