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  1. Arion

    IN SEARCH OF , Hi little help here I have a customer that is wanting a 6' c/ku band mesh dish and receiver looking for suppliers for new not used

    In for a penny in for a pound. I would really try to talk someone out of a 6 foot dish as they are going to be disappointed especially if they are spending the money to buy all new equipment. That is a lot to spend for very little reward. If he absolutely has no room for a larger dish or...
  2. Arion

    commercial grade 12' tek2000

    I ordered directly from Tek when I got my dish and I don't remember if I paid sales tax or not. I know my dish also came through Canada because it was shipped with Purolator and some of the items got hung up in Customs for awhile.
  3. Arion

    commercial grade 12' tek2000

    Tek is right on the U.S. / Canadian border. I bet he has two storefronts and if you order from the Canadian one you don’t get charged U.S. sales tax.
  4. Arion

    commercial grade 12' tek2000

    I did the 10' mesh install without any help. Put the dish together on the ground and rolled it over to the mount on the rim and then had to use a few small blocks of wood on the ground to rest the lip of the dish on so that the dish was high enough to be able to put on the mount. It was a...
  5. Arion

    OTHER Signal Strength Weaker at Night

    You might be catching the satellite off of a side lobe. If your really aimed at it with a decent LNB your numbers shouldn't be anything like that.
  6. Arion

    4:2:2 feeds

    Streaming 4:2:2 from the Mio and then to the desktop and opening the stream with VLC works fine. Just use the OpenWebif in the desktop to get the stream address and then open that with VLC easy-peasy. Don’t do it often as I have little use for network TV but have used it for BB and FB games...
  7. Arion

    TNAP-3.0 is available

    What are the significant changes from TNAP2 to TNAP3 for the Mio plus?
  8. Arion

    Streaming to mobile/ Edison/OpenATV

    Don’t have a phone but I do have the newest iPad and it streams just fine. I use the Oplayer HD app from the store and it gives you several different ways to stream over your LAN.
  9. Arion

    Multiboot file structure across images

    Thanks! That is kind of what I suspected but wasn’t sure. I have OpenVix running perfect and it took me awhile to get there. I didn’t want to take the chance of moving files or playing with them if I was going to screw something else up.
  10. Arion

    Multiboot file structure across images

    Wondering about file structure changes across different images. For example with the mio plus my main image is OpenVix and I also have the TNAP in a different slot. Just for giggles I installed OpenPli that I used on a different box in the past. My question on the file structure is if I...
  11. Arion

    WOW, Not sure if E2 is for me...

    It's from a different forum but they did an excellent job leading people through setting up an E2 receiver with different sections explaining with pictures how to make it work. They used a Zgemma H7 and OpenAtv so flashing your receiver might be a bit different but E2 is basically E2. Someone...
  12. Arion

    ABC NewsOne mux 91W

    Well, some affiliate stations might have satellite dishes they no longer need.
  13. Arion

    Newbie owner of an Edision OS MIO 4K

    If you bought the Mio from Titanium on this board it probably has the TNAP or the North American Project version of E2 which is a watered down version of SatDreamGR. That version of firmware has a limited number of plugins and extensions with it. With this Mio box you can multiboot different...
  14. Arion

    Newbie owner of an Edision OS MIO 4K

    Depending on the flavor of Enigma go ’menu’, ‘plugins’, ’Download Plugins’, ‘Extensions’ and then scroll down to Kodi and select it for install. Running OpenVix myself but if you running OpenAtv it should be similar.
  15. Arion

    Edision OS mio 4K and Kodi

    I think that would solve a lot of problems as all E2 images use a deprecated version of Kodi. I have read that it’s a pain for them to upgrade (something with kernel recompiling) but would be nice.
  16. Arion

    Edision OS mio 4K and Kodi

    My videos are all different formats from DVD .ts streams to avi, mp4, mkv, ect. Try your different video formats to find the one that kodi likes in your setup and that would be the format to covert your videos to. Agreed that it's a big pain in the butt and not something that you should have...
  17. Arion

    Edision OS mio 4K and Kodi

    Yes, and it works fine. For some reason Kodi 17.6 and the Mio (I have a plus) don't play together very good. What I had to do is to transcode a number of my videos to a different format that this version of Kodi likes. A lot of my .mkv and .avi videos I had to transcode over to mp4 and then...
  18. Arion

    Darn my dish iced up...

    The dish/mount must really be engineered well to endure all that extra weight as well as the wind load. With my mesh dish I'm constantly brushing it off in the winter but for you not to many ways to knock the ice off without risk of damaging the dish or mount.
  19. Arion

    The North American Project TNAP 2 Released 12/6/2019(OS MIO+ 4K ONLY)

    For someone looking to get into Enigma 2 with a new receiver this is definitely the way to go. I'm pretty comfortable with E2 and usually run OpenVix now but I wish the TNAP was available when I first started out and tried to figure out how to work with E2. By eliminating a lot of the options...
  20. Arion

    OS Mio 4K newbie questions

    Menu-Setup-User Interface-Front Panel Display-Settings This is using OpenVix so it might not be ‘exactly’ the same on a different image.