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    FIOS Menu/Updated Programming

    OK, I gave it some time and now I will post. I was really pissed last weekend when, after recording 11 hours of HD content of new shows before the writers strike, I turned on my set and box and low and behold everything from Friday night back was gone. No, not completely gone. It still showed...
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    FIOS Internet Price Increase

    Has anyone else recieved the notice of a price increase for the 15meg Internet service.:eek: I am curious because it appears that they are trying to force customers to use their phone service by increasing the costs of the Internet and offering a discount to do their triple plan. :hungry...
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    Buggy Motorola Boxes - Reports/Problems

    I wanted to start a thread for everyone to start to report the problems that they experience with the cheap motorola boxes that Verizon uses. I will start with one most fraustrating story and others can add on. I noticed that one other user had a widget problem. My Story: I set up a...
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    What the f*&% with the emergency broadcasts

    :mad: OK, I know everyone reading does not live in Texas but was anyone else annoyed with the overwhelming emergency alerts last night. I had 5 ER's recorded. I was watching a recordrd show because I got fed up with the weather people listening to themselves talk and each time they broadcast...
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    ActionTec Router Reboots/Lockups

    Anyone else having problems with the ActionTec router? I work out of the home and have had the router reload so many times today that I may have to go into the office. In the past I would have lockups about once every two weeks but starting yesterday I get a lockup or reboot about every hour...
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    Has any one else seen 'screen freeze'

    On many occasions, more often as time goes on, I have noticed that the screen will lock while the sound continues with the current programming. This mostly happenes on my main unit but has begun happening on my bedroom unit. This morning, during the weather on local channel 8 the screen on the...
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    Still noticing audio problems

    OK, I have given it many weeks but the audio skips are still present. Happens almost all the time on HD local channels and occasionally on non local channels. There also seems to be problems with VOD during the daytime hours here in Texas. Lots of scramble and program lockups when watching...
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    Whats happening to VOD

    I am getting a little pissed here. 1) Why no HD content on VOD? 2) Why do catagories appear with no content (Star Wars for a long time)? 3) Why do series programs appear and then disappear? I was watching The Wire and now the epsiodes appeare to be gone. 4) Why do series start...
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    Actiontec Firmware

    Can anyone provide a valid link to use to download trhe current firmware for the Actiontec MI424WR router? I have been having strange problems with the router and I am sure that the 8 month old firmware is not current.
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    DVR Not Functioning Properly

    OK, I might come across as the complainer here, but has anyone else had a problem with the HD DVR not allowing a show to rewind while in live mode. I am watching America Funniest Home Videos on ABC in HD and I went to rewind a clip that I had just seen and I get the famous circle with a line...
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    Pesky Audio Problems

    Just a question to others. Has anyone else experienced intermittent drops in audio, especially on the SD shows? I only ask because I have noticed it on both of my boxes and during different shows. The glitches are very brief, usually only a word or two are missed and it is very infrequent...
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    Who Do You Call

    OK, I waited, and waited and now I am in fraustrated mode. I see a charge for Fios service on my credit card bill but do not have access to the billing details. I look up on the web site a number to call and there is not one. Who do you call when you have problems with Fios? What number do...
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    Reboots every day

    Since I work at home, I have noticed a pattern. Every day at 4:40 the main box in my home reboots:eek: . Does anyone else have this experience? Why would the device reset in the middle of the day, every day, at the exact same time? This makes no sense to me. Do I need to contact Verizon and...
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    Reboot out of nowhere

    Anyone else's device reboot out of the clear blue tonight at 9:23 cdt? We were in the middle of a show and the box shut off and restarted back to a ---- prompt. We had to turn the device back on manually. Any ideas as to what happened? Am I getting ready to have some type of system failure...
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    Problems with FIOS VOD Service

    I am having constant problems with the STB's loosing connectivity and now being able to get the VOD serivce from the Internet connection. I get a menu stating that the box is currently downloading the program menu. This last until I contact Verizon and they send a new download to the box. Has...