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    YES hd coverage expanded!

    YES HD and SNY HD are now available in Buffalo, NY:clap
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    Buffalo HD Locals

    I had the Slimline and a second h20 installed yesterday and the installer told me that yesterday morning they were told that Buffalo locals would launch mid Feb. He said the only reason that they have been pushed back is that the installs were so far behind that D* did not want to bury them so...
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    Just Ordered D* HD

    You will get he 5 lbn dish. The 5 lbn dish will allow you to get the new MPEG 4 material coming out. This includes your local HD's and the new HD stuff coming out this fall after the two new sats are launched. There is no web site that you can confirm if or when your HD locals are coming on...
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    DIRECTV to Deliver Local HD Programming in 67 Markets by Year End

    As a matter of fact I do. Emailed D* a couple of days ago to get an update and received an email response this morning. This is what they had to say "Thanks for writing. I’m very sorry to hear about the delay in getting your HD local channels. While it is true that some markets were pushed...
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    DIRECTV to Deliver Local HD Programming in 67 Markets by Year End

    There is no way they are reaching that 12 markets goal either. A CSR told me that Buffalo will not go up unit mid January. I believe I have seen other people being told by CSRs that there markets, that were listed as next 12, are being pushed back as well.
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    Slimline in buffalo,ny

    It appears that according to D*'s third qtr conference call that they have reduced the number of local launches by 10. There has been no word on which 10 DMA's got pushed back. So that will leave 12 new markets by year end. If we don't have them by early December it looks like we will have to...
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    DirecTV Announces Next 24 Markets to Receive HD Locals!

    I was told by a dealer at the fair that it would be December or January. Will just have to wait and see I guess.
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    HD Locals in Buffalo?

    Didn't mean to imply you had any insider info. Sorry if it sounded that way. It just sounded logical combined with what I was told by the local dealer.
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    HD Locals in Buffalo?

    On my thread in the HD section Charper1 said that with Buffalo being a 2 major sport city that he would expect us to be in the last group for 2006. So it seems to be realistic.
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    HD Locals in Buffalo?

    I posted some info on this in the HD section last week. I was told by a local dealer at the fair that we should have our HD locals by the end of December or January.
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    HD Locals In Buffalo

    I live in Buffalo and I talked to a local dealer last night at the fair. He told me we should be getting our HD locals at the end of December or early January. He also told me the new Slim Line dish should be out in September or October. I just hope he knows what he is talking about.
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    Picture in Picture Question

    Never tried it, but I don't think it will work because there is only one feed coming out of the box even though there are two internal tuners. Could be wrong though.
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    Picture in Picture Question

    You need two separate video feeds for PIP. That is why it is only working when you DVD or VCR are in operation. If you want to watch two separate channels you would need to separate D* receivers.
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    Buffalo HD

    Looks like next year sometime. The latest list dose not list us and I think that is the list for the rest 0f 06.:mad:
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    World Cup HD

    Has anyone else been having sound sink problems an ABC? It was happening frequently during both games on Saturday. More so during the first game. It was like 10-15 sec behind the video and it even carried over into commercials. I was watching it via OTA in Buffalo.
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    Samsung SIR-TS160 receiver ID#

    Mine is on a silver sticker on the back right above the RGB Out port. It is the second line of numbers out of four on the sticker. My box was manufactured in Oct 04. Hope this helps out. Sorry mine is the TS360. I guess I should try reading first next time.:rolleyes:
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    When did ESPN HD switch its audio to 5.1?

    Will ABC start transmitting in 5.1 as well?