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    What will it take for xstreamhd to succeed

    To address your points. 1. To get 3D content, they would have to go to the half-res stuff that you see on DirecTV and cable unless they change all the hardware. Otherwise, they are defeating their whole selling point of better quality (PQ-wise) content. 2. No interest in extras for me...
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    Imagine if XStreamHD could do this...

    They also need IP control or RS232.
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    Questions for XStreamHD

    Thanks for answering, A couple of follow-ups. 1. Exactly how big and heavy is the dish? 1 meter is quite a bit larger than my original 18" DirecTV dish aimed at one orbital location. What is the exact cost? 2. Do the users' own media files integrate easily into the GUI? Artwork included?
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    Questions for XStreamHD

    I have a list of questions. 1. I don't see it listed on the starter packages, but am I correct to assume the satellite dish is included in the package? How about the peaking tool? 2. What is the cost to purchase extra receiver units - standard and pro? 3. What is the cost of extra hard...
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    Customer Retention

    When I received my "A-list" e-mail, I was given a number 1-800-353-4388. Has anyone tried this number? Is it similar to retention?
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    No OTA on H20

    Have you tried resetting the receiver? I used to have that problem periodically with my old Samsung TS360. I would unplug it and restart it, and the channels would re-appear.
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    No HD in FOX KTXL Sacramento

    The holdup is with the parent company - Tribune. They haven't come to an agreement to carry any of their stations in HD. Possibly soon though.
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    Playboy, DirecTV Agree on Distribution

    or a HD version
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    5 lnb question

    From my understanding, the HD LILs have to be up and running before you get the HD RSN. I have HD LIL, but I don't have the HD RSN even though it is "available". They say it should be sometime over the next year. Has anyone had the opposite - no HD LIL but yes HD RSN?
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    5 lnb question

    Currently, no. However, if you can get a free install with upgrade of other equipment, you might consider it. I get higher signal levels than from my old 3LNB dish, so you might consider it for this reason. Otherwise, you could just wait.
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    My HR20 problems...

    Yes, there are three different light levels and off. It seems like it is about 100%, 98%, 96%, off. :D
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    Upgraded to HR20, still have leased HR10

    That's why I asked. Are they supposed to send me return instructions? Is it my responsibility? I think that when I ordered, they said that the installer would take the old unit.
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    Upgraded to HR20, still have leased HR10

    It's deactivated, does not show up on my profile.
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    Upgraded to HR20, still have leased HR10

    I had 2 HR10-250s, one owned and one leased. I upgraded to 2 HR20s and deactivated the 2 HR10s. I still have both HR10s. They have not asked for the leased HR10 back yet. How long should I wait before I could assume it would be OK to keep/sell it.
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    Multiswitch needed? (how many lines off the AT9)

    I would not buy it. DirecTV will provide it to you if you require it.
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    Is 2.25 GHZ RG6 good enough -New 5lnb Dish

    What is a good online source for bulk RG6 cable and other supplies - connectors, splitters, diplexers, wall plates?
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    HD Channel Order in Detroit... Fixed

    It's mostly for my wife's benefit. Most of the daytime viewing is in SD anyways. She tends to select channels by just entering the number. I would rather it default to the SD, so if she records, it uses less space. You might want to stretch to get rid of the black bars, feed native...
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    Splitting OTA

    Thanks again. One last question. If I should need an amp, any recommendations?
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    Splitting OTA

    Thanks. So what you're saying - should be able to keep existing antenna, maybe add an amp. What would be considered too long a cable run? I think for me, 2 would be about 30 feet, and one about 60 feet.
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    Splitting OTA

    I was told by the D* tech that my OTA feed could not be split to feed my three receivers - would lose too much signal. I have the cheapo (Wingard Sensar I think) antenna that they installed. I am about 38 miles from the tower, and was getting signals in the 90s when hooked up to the...