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    PAIN. I did it again. I chatted and called Fios. Sigh.

    Sorry that you had such trouble. I have had FioS now for about 3 years with only 1 outage for internet and phone. I called technical support and the first level couldn't solve my problem but referred into a second level agent who solved the problem and called in back when it was fixed. Total...
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    IMG 1.9 Release

    Super Dave - My 7232 only asked me when had to restart it to install the external drive. I shut it off just now and turned it back and it didn't pester me for the TV size. Maybe call Verizon support for help. One other cool feature of the DVR is the chapter feature (sort of like the auto...
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    IMG 1.9 Release

    Release 1.9 and the Whole House DVR Finally came to Philly the other day. Very nice upgrade! The guide is cleaner and easy to use. And searches are easier and you can save your favorite searches. The DVR interface is vastly improved. Deleted videos are now recoverable. And with whole...
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    Wow - D* Finally Listened...

    I switched to FIOS about 3 years ago. One of the reasons I switched was because of the lack of premium channels - HBO and Cinemax choices were especially lame. Out of curosity, I checked the D* website and found that they have finally added the missing HBO and Cinemax channels! Too bad it...
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    FIOS after a month

    I have both. The TiVo user interface is much easier to use and it offers expansion capabilities, which the FiOS DVR does not. However, release 1.9 of the Fios software will allow additional storage to be added, at which point I may retire the TiVo, as it cannot access Fios on demand features...
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    D* Improves Premium Choices but...

    Yes, indeed, I know that they can't please all customers all of the time. But it just doesn't seem fair to customers to not give them most if not all what the subscription service offers. Plus I have built a nice library of HD titles from Cinemax sub channels...many of which aren't available...
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    D* Improves Premium Choices but...

    I switched to FioS a while ago and I am glad I did but I still look around at what D* is up to. It looks like they have improved their premium offerings, especially on Showtime and Starz/Encore. D* still is lacking on HBO/Cinemax though. Can't figure out why they limit their HBO HD choices...
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    Verizon Charges $3.50 Fee To Pay Them

    I have had only 1 internet related issue in 3 years and I talked to a pleasant American woman who solved the issue in about 5 minutes. I have been very pleased with my 35 Meg upload/download speeds for internet. Never had a phone problem once. TV service has been excellent - no downtime ever.
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    VHS to DVD question

    I use a SIMA CT-2 to transfer my tapes. It works OK if not perfectly. There are lots of alternatives out there. Check out: Copy Enhancer, Copy protection Time base corrector eliminator, copy stabilizer
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    Verizon Charges $3.50 Fee To Pay Them

    There is no charge if you use auto pay via credit card. Only if you pay "manually" online.
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    Definitely highly recommended. I rated it an 8/10 on IMDB.
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    New Tron : Legacy Trailer

    Yes, I saw the trailer the other day. Tron Legacy looks awesome.
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    Yes Angelina is looking very good in this. The plot is preposterous but the action is non-stop. Recommended for action fans as well as Angelina followers.
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    Fios "official announcement" of ID HD, and NG Wild HD

    Yes, good news. Now if they would only add Crime & Investigation Network and BBC in HD.
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    So, are we ever going to have more then 4 hbo hd channels and 2 max? :\

    Switch to FiOS! D*'s lack of premium content is one of the major reasons I switched to FiOs. FiOs has all of the HBO and Cinemaxes in HD. FiOs has most of the Showtime and Starz channels in HD as well as Epix HD. Epix HD offers additional HD movie choices with the extra benefit of on-demand...
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    FiOS drops west coast movie feeds

    A bit of correction to the OP: at least in the Philly area, FIOS recently only dropped 4 west coast feeds (2 cinemax and 2 TMC). All of the HBO and Showtime west coast feeds are still available.
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    Why I Switched Totally to FIOS

    Yes, too bad FIOS is not nationwide. Is ATT u-verse available out there in Reno?
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    Why I Switched Totally to FIOS

    The box rental fees are bit steep, but no cost to upgrade when/if a new box comes out. And cable card rental is only $ 3.99 if you have TiVo or a compatible TV.
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    Why I Switched Totally to FIOS

    Yes, I will grant you that the above is true, but reliabilty, at least for me has been perfect. If FIOS does go down, I still have cellphone for phone and for entertainment I have tons of movies and shows recorded to watch (and I might even read a book for a change!). Oh, and I have OTA...