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    DirecTV/Dispatch screw up, need number

    Does anyone have the dispatch number for Multiband in east Central IL (or if applicable Bluegrass)? Direct screwed up my order bad and after waiting since Monday I'm now being told it'll be Friday before they get here.
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    Please HELP!

    Our setup: 4 HR24-100 (Living, Kids', and our bedroom), 1 HR24-500 (home office), Lines running to/from LNB, square SWM splitter, and what I believe was the power, 1 input, and 4 outputs. PI is with the Living Room DVR...Cable run from dish to wall is 20' and then another 5'...
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    "Red Flag" on account?

    I am on the phone with retentions and the lady messed up in placing me on a silent hold. I heard her asking someone about a red flag on my account and then commenting that I should be eligible for a free HD-DVR. (Mover's credited me half, she's trying to credit the other half and shipping.)...
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    D* about to lose their transmission center?

    Chicago news was showing coverage of the wildfires and teased the story before the commercial with the comment that millions could possibly lose thier TV signal because of the fires. They never did say anything about it in the story. Then I remembered that D* has their transmission center...
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    Does D* audit accounts?

    I was told by the billing department today that my account is a "train wreck". I'm curious if they ever audit accounts and adjust offers that have been put on the account. We were able to get an HD-DVR for the cost of shipping a few weeks ago. They installed a refurb until and when I called...
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    Installation Issue(?) Question

    Back when we moved here we had the TV on one side of the room but then decided to move it and as a result had to "couple" the D* coax to another piece of coax we had. Up until Monday we had a D11 in there. I made a point to ask the installer on Monday if that would be acceptable for the HR2x...
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    Added Receiver but received REFURB...AMAZING install otherwise

    I thought the refurbs were only used as replacements for defective boxes. We set up an appointment today to add an HD-DVR and I about fell on the floor when he told me he had an HR20 in the truck...then fell over when I saw it was a refurb. Is this something D* will fix if I call and complain...
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    Issues with HR20-700 and R15

    I'll hit on the HR20 first... I've had a ton of issues ranging from programs being deleted by the receiver while plenty of room is left, 0 minute recordings popping up after I've already deleted the show, and when tuning local HD channels I sometimes have issues with the screen displaying all...
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    Upgrading Equipment while out of contract

    We are moving in May so I am looking to upgrade my equipment while I still have the upperhand (mover's connection will put me into a 12 month commit.) My current setup is a HR20 which was leased back in beta purchase days (October '06) and is starting to flake out, R15, and D11. I am hoping...
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    Best way to get SWM with upcoming move?

    Situation: I live in the Springfield/Bloomington/Champaign market but "live" in the Chicago market. We are literally moving in the middle of May within the S/B/C market. Of course for mover's connection we will end up having our locals migrated back to the proper channels. We have a HR20...
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    Local Market HD games on Superfan again this season?

    Last year the local market games would be blacked out in SD on the ST channels but would be viewable in HD on the SF channels. This was in a market where the HD locals were available. This never mattered much because "my" team was almost never on the local channels. We have moved and now live...
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    Will the HR20 & R15 still work with Service on "Vacation Hold"?

    With locals unavailable and reception not that great, I have decided to have cable installed in order to catch all of the local NFL games in HD. My Situation: Moved from Orlando to IL last month. Went to DTV last year for the ST/SF to see my Bears games in HD. Without HD locals here and a...
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    Questions by a new Sat. customer/install tomorrow.

    I wanted to get some sort of idea what I should be expecting tomorrow. I have heard all kinds of different numbers as far as signal strength. Any advice that could be provided would be greatly appreciated. Are there specific things I should pay special attention to be signing off on the...
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    Current Receiver Question (New Customer/Install)

    I'm in Orlando so I get local HDs off the satellite. I ordered a DVR and an HD box. Is there a standard receiver they install or is it luck of the draw? I'd like to take a look at and familiarize myself with the system manuals before install day (Aug 25th).
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    New member/Subscription Question

    I've been lurking around here for awhile and have followed the ST/H-10 discussion as it has progressed. I currently pay $140 through Brighthouse for Road Runner, their HD-DVR, HD programming, basic digital, and then Showtime/HBO/TMC. Road Runner is $45 as a standalone and we would be keeping...