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  1. AngryStamen

    NFL Thursday Night Football in 4k looks bland

    I'm watching the Steelers at Browns game and switching between NFL Network and the 4k channel (ch. 540) and the 4k feed looks bland in comparison. When I get up close, I guess the 4k channel looks a little bit more crisp on the edges, but the color is definitely muted compared to the standard...
  2. AngryStamen

    Wireless Joey speeds slow, anyone else?

    My Wireless Joey seems to be somewhat slow when accessing the guide, scrolling through the channels in the guide and accessing my recordings on the DVR. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, anyone know if there are any plans on upgrading the Wireless Joey, like they did with the standard Joey?
  3. AngryStamen

    DISH DVR 510 and 301 receiver...worth anything??

    I'm currently cleaning out my basement and I have two old dish boxes, as mentioned in the topic title. Are these worth anything, maybe to sell on eBay or craigslist, or should they just go to the curb on trash day?
  4. AngryStamen

    Guide Options – Favorite Channels list will not scroll

    I have had this problem before, but it has occurred again. I have a Favorite Channel list that I created that contains just the channels that I watch. Everything will work fine until, out of nowhere, I will hit the Guide button, which displays my favorite channel list (Main), and I will not be...
  5. AngryStamen

    Hopper 3 is the new 52.0 remote vs. the old 40.0?

    For those that have had the new Hopper 3 system installed, how does the new remote (52.0) compare to the old Hopper/Hopper with Sling remote (40.0)? At first glance, it seems that it is less functional since it has fewer buttons, especially the four colored buttons, but without a Hopper 3...
  6. AngryStamen

    Any PDF documents available for Hopper 3, remotes?

    Does anyone have any links to product spec PDF files for the new Hopper 3 and the two different types of remotes that come with it? Do you get to choose which remote you would like? Thanks!
  7. AngryStamen

    Lost HD channels for a few days

    So, here's the story: I live in Pittsburgh and we got a lot of snow dumped on us over the weekend/early part of the week. Monday and Tuesday, I lost all my HD channels (except for my locals). Everything from Comedy Central, to ESPN, to Root Sports Pittsburgh, etc. I did a reset on Monday, to...
  8. AngryStamen

    Is there a PDF document sticky somewhere?

    Specifically, I'm looking for info on Super Joey and Wireless Joey installations, but that made me wonder if there was one main post that contains all the different PDFs that are released about the various products/services Dish has. If not, could someone start one if it seems useful to more...
  9. AngryStamen

    Additional Joey power supply adapters?

    Anyone know where to get additional Joey power supplies, so that you can move a Joey (be it Standard, Super, Wireless) to a different location and already have a power supply in place? I checked eBay, but I'm wondering if there are other outlets. Thanks!
  10. AngryStamen

    Please HELP...having trouble setting up a "Seek & Record" timer!!

    I thought I knew how to set up a recording like this, but I'm having some trouble. I can set up a standard 'Seek & Record' timer, but what I'd like to do is fine-tune my search, so that my timer is only recording exactly what I want. (BTW, I have a HWS). I'll give you exactly the scenario I'm...
  11. AngryStamen

    SiriusXM vs. Dish CD...who's listening?

    So, I actually love that Dish gives us the music channels from SiriusXM, but I don't get why they also have their own DishCD channels as well? It seems kinda redundant to me. Does this make sense to anyone else? Does anyone listen to DishCD? Just curious...
  12. AngryStamen

    DISH CES presentation available?

    I've read about all of the cool things that DISH is coming out with this year, and even saw a short video on YouTube, but does anyone know if the entire presentation is available anywhere? I searched for it but did not find it. Thanks! Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  13. AngryStamen

    'NBC Sports Network' now on AT200...any other channels?

    When the Olympics started, I noticed that NBCSP (ch. 159) was available to me (I have AT200). I figured that it was just because of the Olympics, but I then discovered that it has been permanently moved to the AT200. That led me to wonder if there have been any other channel lineup changes...
  14. AngryStamen

    **Sling Transfers -- how does it work?**

    A few questions about how "Sling Transfers" works: 1) When you "prepare" a TV show/movie for mobile, I assume that it (obviously) takes up more space on the Hopper's hard drive. But, do they quarantine these transcodes so that they do not affect the partition that is reserved for all of my...
  15. AngryStamen

    **DISH ViP 722 lock-up/freezing vide problems!!!**

    Starting Monday, February 11th, my DVR has been randomly locking up/freezing during playback of pre-recorded DVR events. No warning signs at all, no rhyme or reason; a show will be playing back, and all of a sudden the picture freezes. No buttons pushed on the remote control or the DVR box...
  16. AngryStamen

    ***DISH DVR decrypting utility??***

    I'm sure many of you have had the same question but I'm going to throw it out there to see if anyone has an answer. I'd like to know if there is a utility that enables the user to decrypt television shows and movies that have been recorded to the DVR. That way, the user can save movies and...
  17. AngryStamen

    ***How does the PTAT feature handle back-to-back shows?***

    I could spend an inordinate amount of time searching the forums for my answer, but with so many brilliant members here (:D:D), I figured I'd just ask you directly!! How does the "Primetime Anytime" feature deal with shows on the same network that "hot switch" between them. (that is to say, one...
  18. AngryStamen

    "System Info One" guide

    Can somone post a simple guide as to what all the information on the "System Info One" page (MENU 6-1-3) means? I know what some of it means, but I think that a detailed breakdown of what each letter (a-j) represents would be beneficial to myself and others on these forums. Thanks to those that...
  19. AngryStamen

    **PBS-HD and CW-HD added in Pittsburgh!! When did that happen?!?!**

    I came home today and discovered a problem with my channels...a ton of my HD channels were gone. What must have happened was that I had signed up for the "Free Starz and Platinum HD for 3 months" promo back at the end of October and here we are 3 months later...when the promo got removed, it...
  20. AngryStamen

    New HD channel PDF list?

    I think the last time Dish added HD channels (early February), someone (Scott?) posted a PDF document that was a programming notice sent to DISH Network Retailers...does anyone have this document for the most recent HD additions, and could post it here in the forums? Thanks!