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    Hopper 3, DISH 1000+, 118.7 International

    Thanks for the info I am in Louisville, KY and it appears all my locals are on 77 The new hopper sounds great just don't know if I want two dishes on my roof Thanks again
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    Hopper 3, DISH 1000+, 118.7 International

    Hello, Help a poor, dumb boy out, what is a wing dish and would I need one if my locals are on the 77 ? Thanks
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    HR44 odyssey

    You would think by now I would know to leave what is working alone but.............. I purchased an HR44 to replace my HR34 and I am having issues with loosing my wireless connection Wired is not an option due to the location, so my question is what about the wireless CCK ? Or would I be...
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    Annoying problem with H25

    Hello, When we lose power and it comes back on my H25 will give me a 771 code while my HR34 has a strong signal. If I unplug the H25 and the power inserter, plug the power inserter back in first, and then the H25 it will reboot and be fine until the next time it loses power. Any ideas...
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    Installer question

    Hello, If you were going to get directv would you order online, or contact a local dealer ? Do you know any dealers in louisville ky Thanks
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    Thinking of getting Directv

    Thanks for the info
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    Thinking of getting Directv

    Hello, I am new to these forums and I am probably going to ask some questions covered before so I will apologize in advance. I am considering getting directv and I would like some info from you folks, anytime I talk to directv I think they tell only tell me what I want to hear. 1 Do...