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    Upgraded to HR20, still have leased HR10

    I had 2 HR10-250s, one owned and one leased. I upgraded to 2 HR20s and deactivated the 2 HR10s. I still have both HR10s. They have not asked for the leased HR10 back yet. How long should I wait before I could assume it would be OK to keep/sell it.
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    Splitting OTA

    I was told by the D* tech that my OTA feed could not be split to feed my three receivers - would lose too much signal. I have the cheapo (Wingard Sensar I think) antenna that they installed. I am about 38 miles from the tower, and was getting signals in the 90s when hooked up to the...
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    HR20 with feed from both 5LNB and 3LNB dish

    This may sound strange, but I am wondering if this will work. I have had 2 H20s and the 5LNB dish for several months. I have kept my HR10-250 hooked up to my 3LNB dish with 2 lines, and OTA diplexed to one of the lines. I really want to avoid the third line going to the DVR. I was hoping...
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    HD LIL, but not all 4 networks?

    I am a little perturbed right now. HD LIL went active, but no Fox. I see San Diego and Columbus are also missing some. Did anyone know that this would be the case before this morning? I'm sure it's the fault of the local affiliates, but I'm sure DirecTV knew about this. It would have been...
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    OTA Advice

    I need some advice on possibly getting a new OTA. I am going to have someone re-route all of my cables soon, so if I do anything with my OTA, I want it done at the same time. Here is my situation. I live in Tracy, CA. It is about 70 miles south of Sacramento from which I currently receive...
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    Somebody convince me

    I am very happy with my Oppo. I was ready to wait until the second or third generation of new players - better features, maybe some bugs worked out, more software available, maybe the format war decided. Now with the release date moving closer, I'm getting the feeling that I've got to have...
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    Any experts on calculating bandwidth?

    I am just curious. Once the HD-LIL are all up, and then when the other new satellites are up and running (is it 10 and 11?), what can we realistically expect as far as picture quality? (number of channels, resolution, bit rates)
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    Help me out with upgrade

    Here is my situation. I have an HD-Tivo in my family room with two lines going in, OTA diplexed into one of the lines. H20 in my bedroom with satellite signal diplexed with cable TV line. H20 in my office with its own line directly from dish. I have a AT-9 waiting to get installed. Locals...
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    Help me out with TC Premier pricing

    I was looking at my bill and trying to figure out pricing. This is how my service looks on my account online. Total Choice Plus 45.99 If you add all 5 premium channels 45.99 + 12 + 11 + 10 + 8 + 7 = 93.99 OR - I could subscribe to TC Premier for 99.99 ??????? I know the new rate for...
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    Question on HDCP

    I have a 24" Dell monitor for my computer which is non-HDCP compliant. I also have an H20 hooked up to this monitor with both DVI and component. The only channel which seems to use HDCP at the time is 201. However, I cannot view anything when using component inputs either on this channel, at...
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    Where can I buy an AT-9?

    I started this discussion on another thread. I was recently scheduled through D* to get the AT-9 installed. The local installer would not do the install. He said they can only mount on wood or do pole mounts. I have stucco and concrete tile roof, which he states they were not allowed to...
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    Buy now or lease later?

    I am confused. I live in the Sacramento area. I currently have a HD Tivo and a Samsung 360. I would like an additional HD receiver - H20. I think the HD locals are coming to the area in April. So I think eventually I will want 1) a new H20, 2) an H20 to replace the Samsung, and 3) the new...
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    Question about multiple DVI/HDMI inputs

    I have a plasma with one DVI input. I currently have a HD DVR connected via the DVI input and a DVD player connected throught the component inputs. I want to get an upconverting DVD player. Is there an easy way to connect both devices without getting a separate receiver with multiple DVI/HDMI...
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    HD DVR Question

    Maybe a stupid question, but I couldn't figure it out from the manual or remote. How do you FF 30 sec through commercials?
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    Locals / DNS Question

    I have been a D* subscriber since 1996. I had the distant networks when I first subscribed. When I moved in 2000, I changed to the locals in my area (I know, big mistake). Would I be eligible for the distants again if I asked? Is this all moot because the rules are changing?