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    Holiday TV Lineup

    Full story here Holiday TV Lineup A Christmas Carol," a musical version of Dickens' tale of a second chance at life, wins instant-TV classic status. Repeating on NBC Dec. 24 after its November debut, the handsome production stars Kelsey Grammer (news) as a worthy Scrooge. Among the...
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    AP Network News

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    HDTV: The Babe Factor--damn were missing out

    I was so excited to read the title of this article till i read further to find out i do not get theses networks ( HDNet or In Demand's INHD,) HDTV: The Babe Factor Some high-def networks believe the showing of flesh may result in the showing of profits. Not that there's anything wrong with...
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    CNNfn Shutting Down After Nine Years ch:404

    By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer NEW YORK - CNN will shut down its struggling CNNfn financial news network in mid-December, giving up its attempt to compete with CNBC after nine years. click here for complete article ______________________________________ mr C...
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    VOOM now seems to be accepting $ by mail now !

    Where do I mail payments or inquire about my bill? Question Where do I mail payments or inquire about my bill? Answer To send us a payment, please make your check or money order payable to VOOM and be sure to note your account number on it. VOOM's payment address is: VOOM...
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    Voom/hdnews Election Coverage ?

    I was wondering if any of you FOLKS in thre Know ? Had any insider info on VOOM/HDNEWS upcoming Election night coverage ? I'd like to see a screen like DISH is planing todo for their customers with the ability of many news channels on 1 ch. screenshot more info John Cranford...
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    VOOM ch 101 FLIPPER-HD

    has no one else noticed this great flipper marathon Preented ih HD, my 3yr old luvs it as much as i do keep the the programming coming VOOm :up Mr C. free internet hotspot see who made a cameo
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    VCR+ codes for voom programming?

    Is there a way or place to get Vcr+ codes for recording any voom programming to DVD with VCR+ compatability I have tried my usual source TV guide online , but they no longer seem to even support local channels for VCR+ . Im using a phillips dvdr75. Mr.C...
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    Monsters-HD:WAR OF THE WORLD's 7:15pm EST

    8/14/2004 7:00AM 121 MONSTER 8/14/2004 5:15PM 121 MONSTER complete review War of the Worlds, The (1953) [/SIZE] Genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller / Drama (more) Tagline: Mighty panorama of Earth-shaking fury as an army from Mars invades! (more) Plot Outline: The...
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    Media banker nets 75M,Wall Street is fuming over Cablevision's continuing investment

    Full story Media banker nets 75M from Cablevision BY PHYLLIS FURMAN DAILY NEWS BUSINESS WRITER Steven Rattner Media investment banking honcho Steven Rattner bagged a bundle yesterday from Cablevision, while bailing out on the besieged cable TV giant. Rattner pocketed a $75...
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    espn MLB ny V oakland aug 4, 7pm

    301 ESPNHD MLB Baseball : Oakland A's at New York Yankees (Sports) CC (Live)
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    put your $ where your mouth is?

    IM willing to have voom charge me extra $10.00 per month for Sci-fi. $5.00 per month for HGTV what about you what would you pay extra for if it was possible.
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    Voom August Newsletter?

    has anyone recieved the new august newsletter in there email yet, as of right now, its not up on there website. MR. C
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    VOOM pvr/dvr

    Wife has been bugging about the PVR, since its launch date has been put off. I was wondering if anyone has some pic's of the mysterious box. I think if i could buy myself a couple of months if i had some screen shots. I will post the only pic i have found. Her suggestion was switch back to...
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    general Home theater question.

    anyone found a easy way of cable managment? (my wife keeps complaing her house is "gonna burn down with all those wires behind the TV" lol ) or using a good customizable touch screen remote? my Liv. equipment: RCA 52" Widescreen HDTV Monitor :RCA D52W20 Voom STB JVC RX-554V Home...
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    ABC news channel

    With anchor Peter Jennings at the helm, ABC News offers unprecendented gavel-to-gavel coverage of the 2004 political conventions across the ABC Television Network, on broadband, wireless and digital television channels, beginning Monday, July 26. In addition to comprehensive convention coverage...
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    New HD or SD channels?(Possible New SD Channels: USA, FoxSports East, Ohio & Bay Area

    New HD or SD channels? so whats the latst news? what networks will be launching a HD version next (TNT did A+ job)? what new channels in SD will voom be adding? and new HD channels should we be expecting next? Ive heard of new satilite licenses and such but how does that = CONTRACTS WITH...
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    Installs INC Quality control visit ???

    I had a unexpected knock on my door today, A guy by the name Hamilton Barton, states he is a Installs Inc. employee doing a quality control check of my Voom install, here to take some pics, I asked for a biz card, says he is new and has none, ask's to take some pics I say what the hell come...
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    Juggies in Hi-Def ? (The Man show)

    who else would like to see comedy central in HD ? click here to let Comedy Central know. :D MR.C _________________________________ free drive-by wifi hotspot in San Antonio
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    Comedy Central in HD ?

    anyone heard of Comedy central(owned by MTV) going HD? or MTV going HD, The southpark marathon would have been nice in HD. MR.C :yes