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    Fox Sports 2

    Why does my online account now show: Fox Sports 2 $0.00 Fox Sports 2 HD $0.00 I have the Choice Package.
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    DirecTV New HD channel additions and rumors
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    Should Directv buy DISH?

    Should DirecTV Buy Dish? - Eric Savitz - The Tech Trade - Forbes
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    Court ruling today in TiVo case.
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    Big Ten to Expand?

    Report: Big Ten to make expansion statement today |
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    Looks like DISH has the same policy as D*

    Can't only criticize D* on this. So much for DISH customer service improving. The Eternal Satellite Bill
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    ESPNU moving to Choice 7/1 & HD coming, ESPN Classic moving to sports pack.

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    DISH expected to settle with TiVo.

    Ahead of the Bell: FBR ups TiVo, sees suit ending: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
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    More Adult programming coming to D*
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    Directv announces new Mega March Madness Enhanced Features
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    TNT HD on D* 2/17/06
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    Directv CES Press Release
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    OK Scott, what do you make of this?
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    Directv 8 moving?

    According to SatBizNews, Directv 8 is moving. NEWS & NOTES: The FCC granted The DirecTv Group permission to drift its DirecTv-8 satellite from the 101-degree high-power DBS orbital slot to the 138-degree orbital and conduct in-orbit testing there. Why?
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    Boeing delivers Spaceway satellite to Sea Launch
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    E* CFO Resigns
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    D* to offer up to 100 NFLST games in HDTV
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    HD-TiVo now available at
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    D* and NRTC end exclusive distribution agreement.
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    No March Madness for E*?