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    DirecTV offers to customers who complain about dropped Viacom channels

    I called to complain and got $10 off my package for three months:) Question: WHY CAN'T DTV add a channel called Antenna TV from the Tribune group? It's just like TV-LAND?
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    Switching from Directv to COMCAST!

    I am laying in my bed in a hotel on Fort Lauderdale beach and they have COMCAST! THEY SUCK! I miss my DirecTv as I have had them since 2004 and before that Charter Communications. i will never go back to a cable company after being with DirecTv this long. I had Comcast back in the 90's when...
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    Common topic but I'm stumped

    Why are you Canceling DTV Why would you cancel Directv? cable is not really the best way to go in my opinion. I have worked in the broadcasting industry for almost 27 years and I can tell you the cable companies rates will continue to rise and programming will lower. DTV is the way to go.
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    Free HD Access for EXISTING customers

    FREE HD ACCESS I just called and HD ACCESS was in by base package. So the CSR took $10.00 off my base package which was $79.99 to $69.99 for one year to today! HOW COOL!
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    National CW...where is it from?

    CW/West The CW West Feed is XETV Channel 6/Tiajuana, Mexico/ San Diago, CA. This is what I have as a CW Affilate because my CW affilate's tower is well over 100 miles. I love this station.
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    When are the new HD channels launching?

    I have two Vizio HD TV's and have been in my house 2 1/2 years with new wiring that was installed when I took possesion of the house. My picture quality is perfect on all channels. Maybe your wiring or connectors are going bad.
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    Will I be charged for defective receiver?

    As Far as another 1 to 2 year commentment! well I would rather sign and keep signing a commentment than go back to Charter Communications. The Cable Pigs SUCK! they Cable refuses to compete with DTV or Dish. Trust me I have been in the broadcasting biz for 25 years. My opinion is DTV is a...
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    Moving in with BF, What to do about DTV??

    DUMP COMCAST they suck! Do what you can to stay with DTV! WHY is he with the cable pigs?
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    Grandfathering Distants Question

    XETV San Diago, CA I recently asked DTV to see if I could get the CW east and west coast feed and after a week the waiver came in for CW west. I have been getting CBS east and west for several years now and I am 40 miles outside Asheville, NC
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    Lost channels after snow.

    Re-boot your receivers and see what happens
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    Sirius XM Prepares Bankruptcy Filing

    As a member of the broadcasting community for 24 years I can say not everyone hates Howard Stern. I have Sirius and love the music compared to terristial radio. Since I have has sat radio I have NOT listened to terrisital radio in about two years. I can say after working for Clear Channel and...
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    Sirius XM Prepares Bankruptcy Filing

    Liberty Media This just in! got an e-mail from allaccess saying that: The NEW YORK TIMES' DEALBOOK blog is reporting that SIRIUS XM RADIO is in talks with LIBERTY MEDIA about a possible deal to head off Chapter 11 bankruptcy and a possible takeover by ECHOSTAR. ANY THOUGHTS FROM EVERYONE...
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    HR20 / HR21 / R22 Software Release 0x0251

    Firmware release This new firmware/software package has not been updated for the Carolinas, I just check mine and still have last last upgrade in June. I would to see a more user friendly guide like more transparent, the ability to change colors etc..
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    D*/Verizon bundles

    I have DTV bundled with Verizon Communications landline, unlimited long distance and it's a savings discount of $14 a month. Remember DSL is not offered in some areas like mine so I went with the bundled unlimited long distance. Also I have Hughesnet Satellite broadband 1.5mb is $79 a month...
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    DirecTV Scam

    DirecTv Numbers Try this number it's the only one I use. When the promt answers just press 1 this is the number the contractor that did my movers connection gave me when I moved from FL to NC. Voice promt will say "thanks for calling DTV to select your programming" just press 1 on your...
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    Is there a Directv contact like

    Hi there, I spent 23 years in radio/television broadcasting and retired from the biz because of the FCC and their stupid rules. I do have a contact name and number you can try: VP Programming was Dan Hartman is direct line in LA is: 310-964-4188 and their corporate number is: 310-535-5000...
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    DirecTV's HD 100: The List Grows

    Hdtv Changes This Friday I talked with customer retention this afternoon and they claim that some of these channels listed will be live this Friday August 17th. Anyone heard this yet?
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    CBS East/West SD

    Cbs/ East & West I talked to someone at DTV today and they told I am grandfathered to receive WCBS and KCBS SD until the law changes again. As far as the HDTV versions of those two stations are concerned I don not qualify because I have HDTV in my market which is considered to be...
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    CBS East/West SD

    I have a question! I finally upgraded to HDTV with DirecTv Also bought a VIZIO 37' HDTV. They were out to install yesterday I got the HR20-700 DVR. I have had CBS East and West 380 and 381 grandfathered for years from Florida to North Carolina now. When they activated the HD feeds of WCBS...
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    Retension Retention is just for TV customers whom are looking for freebies or deals that the regular CS R's can't authorize. Plus you get immediate attention instead of calling the regular number and getting someone in say India.