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    Install in 2 days

    Hey all, I'm currently a Dish sub with 2 722s and I'm leaving that setup for my mom to use and in my new house I'm going with Directv. I signed up today for the whole home DVR with a DVR in the living room and an HD receiver for the bedroom. It's been about 2 years since I had Directv so I'm...
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    DVR80 Problem

    I had a problem with my DVR80 tonight and wondered if it had happened to anyone else. I came home from work and got ready to sit down and watch Scifi friday about 10 minutes before the end of SG1. I turned on my tv and there was nothing showing on the screen. The record light was on, but...
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    Lower signal on 72.5

    Is anyone having signal strength issues with the 72.5 sat? When I installed my 2 dishes about a month ago I got 93-94 consistently on my 72.5 sat and 95 on my 101 sat. I checked my sat signal on 72.5 a week ago and again yesterday and noticed it was in the 83-84 range. Same on all 4 receivers...
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    D* Protection Plan

    Hey guys. I'm making the move to D* (today hopefully if my equipment arrived from VE). I was wondering if you folks thought the D* protection plan was worth the $7.99 it costs? I haven't carried the plan with E*, but have been considering it when I activate my new D* equipment. Thanks for...
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    Directv questions from Dish sub

    I have spoken to Directv directly about signing up as a new customer. I'm getting a 4 room system. I wanted 3 R10 Tivos and 1 D10. The guy said they would do 2 Tivos and 2 D10s. Cost would be $220 minus 200 rebates so essentially 20 bucks to get me going If I want the 3rd Tivo I'd have to...