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  1. RichManitoba

    Chrome or Firefox?

    I've had Google Chrome forever, but keep reading about tracking issues, etc. I've been reading about them (apples to apples) on different sites that compare them and Chrome keeps coming up the winner, except for tracking. I'm running Windows 10 with Spectrum "up to" 200 mbps service. My son...
  2. RichManitoba

    Free NFL/ST?

    Who else got this? I inquired about it 2 months ago for 2020, and didn't pursue it, but got this email today.
  3. RichManitoba

    Plugged in Charger.....

    I'm sure this has been discussed, but I couldn't find it. I always leave my chargers plugged in when not charging my phone or tablet. My wife unplugs hers saying it's wasting energy. I have chargers plugged into a surge protector behind some furniture. Google search shows opinions all over...
  4. RichManitoba

    Resolution change

    Occasionally my PQ doesn't seem "just right". I check the audio/video tab on the guide and the setting went to 720. It only takes 30 seconds to fix, but why does this happen? My TV is 4K with HDR. Happy New Year![emoji1635] Sent from my SM-T350 using the SatelliteGuys app!
  5. RichManitoba

    ABC signal WI @ PSU

    Anybody watching the ABC game getting a lousy picture? It's so bad I had to check the resolution settings but it's at 1080i. All other games are fine. I flipped to OTA and it's great. Sent from my SM-T350 using the SatelliteGuys app!
  6. RichManitoba

    DirecTV app/NHL Center Ice

    I can't get NHL Center Ice when I'm on the road using the DirecTV app. I DO subscribe to it, although the window I get when trying to access it tells me I DON'T subscribe to it. I get all the other channels. The person I'm on the phone with can barely speak English, doesn't seem to know...
  7. RichManitoba

    Opinion, please!

    My HR-54 is connected to the internet via my home Wi-Fi. About 2X per week, it becomes disconnected and I have to reset the receiver in order to reconnect. Our phones and tablets never lose the internet. I've called both DirecTv and Charter/Spectrum and they're both blaming the other. Not a...
  8. RichManitoba

    NHL Center Ice

    How much are you paying for it? All of my DirecTV service was "accidentally" cut off when I was offered premium channels for a year to stay. (Supposed to gain channels and lost everything!) Once I called them back to bitch, they said they couldn't give me any discounts at this time, but they...
  9. RichManitoba

    NHL Pre-season blackout

    I'm in Wisconsin. We get both Fox North & Fox Wisconsin with our programming. I tried to tune in to the Wild game, but it is blacked out on Fox North and Fox Wisconsin Alt. There's a Brewer game on Fox WI. I don't recall this in the past. Thoughts?
  10. RichManitoba

    UHD gone; Olympic Channel here.

    Unless I missed something, this came out of nowhere for me. Over the weekend I noticed Universal shut down and the Olympic Channel started. I didn't hear about this ahead of time and there were no messages on DirecTv
  11. RichManitoba

    Who's to blame?

    More than half the time, I cannot access my apps on my clients. My internet provider Charter Spectrum tells me to reset the router; I shouldn't have to do that every day with occasional results. DirecTv tells me it's not their fault. Any ideas? New router? Get DTV out here? This, plus when...
  12. RichManitoba

    SWM Question

    A few months ago, I upgraded to the HR54-200 + one C61K-700 for my Samsung SUHD. Most of the time I'm very happy with it, other than the lag and occasional sound or video blurp ( <- technical term). I hope they get that fixed up. Here's my question, yesterday I was just doing some...
  13. RichManitoba

    Dish or Direct. (Sorry ;-()

    Sorry to do this, but a neighbor who is just moving in saw my DirecTV dish and wanted to know about Direct. I showed him my "stuff" and explained what I have which is a Genie and 4 clients, one of them a C61. He wanted to know about Dish Network and I really couldn't answer anything technical. I...
  14. RichManitoba

    Software Updates?

    From what I read, I know this is an ongoing problem. Any word on getting the Genie clients getting up to speed? I understand it's a wireless system and will not be immediate, but my clients are horribly slow, freeze for a few seconds occasionally, and sometimes black-out and I get a "Connecting"...
  15. RichManitoba

    Customer Service HORRIBLE

    I've been on the phone with ATT, Directv, whatever the hell they call themselves. It's the worst experience I've ever had. I'm eligible for a free upgrade; I just want to upgrade from an HR 44 to an HR54, and replace one C41 with one C61, as many of you have suggested. Do you think they can do...
  16. RichManitoba

    How would you change this set up?

    I recently purchased a 60" Samsung SUHD. It's replacing an old 55" LCD I "inherited" years ago; it never was a good set. That TV was connected to an HR24-100 standing alone. I also have an HR44-500 with 3 C41W-100 clients connected to various 32" to 48" sets. 5 sets total. I'm moving sets...
  17. RichManitoba

    Samsung 60" SUHD

    I recently purchased the above along with a home's been about 6 years since I bought something new. Boy, some things have changed! I've been lurking on the net regarding picture calibration. I found a site, which shows how to do it. Should I try it? Is the picture that much...
  18. RichManitoba

    Video Bridge

    I have to move my video bridge because of remodeling. As I understand, the bridge is just a wireless modem, right? It's currently in the basement, but attached to a ceiling floor joist. I just want to move it about 30 feet but it would actually be more centered between all the clients. Once I...
  19. RichManitoba

    Cable internet vs. DSL

    I'm thinking about looking into bundling my DirecTV with the new AT&T "merger" for internet. I currently have Charter with 60 mbps. It looks like the fastest AT&T DSL is 6 mbps. I'm not a gamer. I do the usual stuff on line. Searching, YouTube, etc. If the price is right, would I notice a...
  20. RichManitoba

    "Rain" Fade

    I did a search, and came up with some old answers that didn't help much, so here goes; I upgraded to new equipment (HR44-500 with 3 clients & kept an HR24-100, the video bridge thingy, SWIM thingy, etc) in late September. I didn't get any fade during any winter snowstorms, but so far this...