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    Is there a way to check download speed at the hopper?

    We only watch VOD in the bedroom in the evening on our wireless Joey. Not getting out of bed to run around trying to figure out why it is buffering. The only thing I know is the box pops up and shows buffering with a speed that fluctuates across the bottom. Eventually it loads and then a minute...
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    Is there a way to check download speed at the hopper?

    im having the same problem. Seems to be on Unique Sweets and Beachfront Bargain Hunt for us. Download speeds drop down to 1-2mbps and extreme buffering when trying to watch these two shows in particular.
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    On Demand Buffering

    Appears to be much better n the H3 directly. Nothing has changed in my setup or location of equipment. Could my Joey be going? Thanks
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    On Demand Buffering

    I see a thread on this from Aug 2019 but nothing since. I updated to U549 on 4/21/20 and ever since we’ve had problems watching anything On Demand. I will go in and download maybe 10 shows at a time to watch later. When I pick one to watch later it will start and then after maybe a minute or...
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    Free Previews

    Thought this thread used to be only about Free Previews! Now it’s no different than any other thread that gets taken over by complaints Or o5her off topic discussions.
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    Cancelling Dish Network service

    We tried Sling and settled on PS Vue which has now gone away. The two problems we hated the most were who was responsible when something went wrong? When we had buffering we would call our internet provider and they would tell us it was Roku’s fault and then when we called them they would say it...
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    Amazon Prime: Hopper3 vs Apple TV (HD) vs ??

    I keep getting the dreaded Internet Connectivity Problem screen on 301 first in English and rotating through other languages and the screen freezes up. the only way out of this screen is to power off the unit and then restart it! When I try the app I get the same results! Much easier to just...
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    Amazon Prime

    Finally got U543 to download and install. But, from what I’ve seen so far I will probably just continue to use my Apple TV to access Amazon. It was extremely slow in opening both times I tried it yesterday. My Apple TV opens almost instantaneously. But, I can see this being popular for those...
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    Amazon Prime

    Unable to find Amazon on my H3 running U542. Have no app for it or a channel 301. Tried to run an update and still ended up with U542. Is this actually live to the general public now? Thanks
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    Wired versus Wireless Joey?

    We have a wireless Joey that is brutally slow and locks up quite often! Would a wired Joey help remedy this problem? Rebooting it helps for a short time but then it eventually reverts back to this behavior. Thanks
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    So, I'm leaving Dish after 20+ years...

    Cutting the cord isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Did this a couple of years ago and went wi5h PS Vue, which is now going away. Tried SlingTV first and wasn’t impressed with it either. Wasn’t impressed with the DVR on either. If at the end of this tower contract I can’t renegotiate a favorable...
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    DISH brings back the Fox channels / FS1 and more

    “DISH caved”! Too funny. If anyone caved it was probably Fox. DISH was perfectly happy with the current carriage agreement Fox was the one probably asking for an increase and pulled their channels. As far as we will never know, we probably will know, when the annual price increase hits.
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    Cooking Channel

    Are you using a “Favorite Channel” list? Is 113 in it?
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    Hopper 3 Sling with Logitech 650 remote

    Been using the 665 for quite awhile now with no problems. My old 650 never did seem to work correctly.
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    Dish won't even answer their phones now / pissed football fans?

    Let’s see if I understand this correctly. You are upset that DISH took your channels, yet it was actually FOX that pulled the plug, not DISH! Then you are upset about your bill which would only go up more if they caved to FOX! Then you say you are waiting for internet channels to overtake the...
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    Game Finder

    Definitely not my favorite setup. Don’t think there was a lot of thought put into this change but then again, that doesn’t surprise me. Can get confusing College Football: The 18 Most Frequently Used Mascot Names in NCAA
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    ACC network

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    Hopper3 U538 Software

    LOL. We are still on U535! We don’t update until I see posts that something new has been added that we would like to try. Other than that, i don't believe in fooling with something that is working just fine as is.
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    YouTube app is gone from the hopper 3 DVR

    Mine still has it as a separate app.
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    What do you prefer? Dish’s AutoHop or TiVo’s Automatic SkipMode?

    I was able to find this How to Hook TiVo Up to DISH Network