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    What is red button on rc73

    Press to delete shows while in your playlist.
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    RC73 Question

    The RC73 will not work with the HR24 in RF mode. Only works with the genies in RF mode. Something to do with different radio waves I believe.
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    I am switching to Directv

    You will be happy with Directv. I just came back after being with Dish for 12 months. I much prefer my HR44 over the Hopper. Like another poster suggested, contact your installer and find out what Genie he has on his truck for you. If he says HR34, cancel and reschedule. The HR34 is what drove...
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    Media General Directv Dispute

    Our NBC affiliate in Raleigh is notifying everyone of this same potential problem. From this link there could be a lot more out there soon!
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    Billing Problems.............

    What I'm having a hard time understanding is how they came up with any charge since their own order history shows I had one HD DVR marked as FREE. The original WO didn't show the second HD DVR that I had already purchased. There was no installation fee on the second HD DVR. I did the...
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    Billing Problems.............

    Doesn't really come as a surprise since I had D* for several years before jumping to E* for the last 3.5 yrs Came back to D* 30 days or so ago. Got my first bill today and I see nothing has changed. They are charging me $199 for a second HD DVR. The problem is that I purchased the 2nd HD...
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    Hopefully I can add a question to this thread. I'm also a newbie with my install scheduled for tomorrow. coming back after being with E* for three years. I have OTA currently on E* through my VIP622 receiver. Comes in handy especially when the satellite stations go out due to rain, etc. I...
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    More newbie questions??

    Well as usual this board knows more that D* Got a call from the installer this morning saying there was no way they could get me installed between 8-12pm as promised. D* had overbooked them. Said they could do it this afternoon. This after having this appointment scheduled for three weeks...
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    More newbie questions??

    Just to clarify. I did call the installation group directly. I think their name is Mastec. They are the ones that transferred me to D*. From everything I had read on this group prior to this I fully expected the installation people to tell me what they were putting in, not D*. Oh well, I...
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    More newbie questions??

    Setup for installation on 4/19. Coming back after having been with E* for the last 18 months. Called the installation company today and asked them what model of HD DVR they were going to install. They said it wasn't up to them so they transferred me to D*. Spoke with a CSR who in turn spoke...
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    To purchase or lease HR21?? Also a question on Protection Plan.

    I will be returning to D* shortly after spending 18 months with E*. I want two of the HD DVR's. D* says that I will receive $100 off of the first one but will have to pay $199 to lease the second one. My question is that I see numerous HR21's on Ebay that can be purchased new from $175 to...
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    Switching fiasco!!!!

    Well, after calming down for a few hours I called them back and placed a new order. Figured since I had already ordered a Seagate External HD I might as well follow through on this. Spoke with a person named Chamberlain in the Win Back Dept. Got the $18 mo off for a year. Also got the $100...
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    Switching fiasco!!!!

    I'm a former customer of D* and had decided to switch back from E* because of the better HD content. The only reason I originally left was because D* couldn't move me for 30 days when we moved into our new house. Called Monday and ordered 2 - HD DVR and 2 SD receivers. Installation was...