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    Gas Price Info With National Gas Temperature Map

    That's a diesel price. Gas has been bouncing around but landing lower of late. Been a bit puzzled by the diesel pricing (which most don't pay attn to or notice)- in the "old days" it was always lower than gas, but in more recent years has gone to around a dollar more. But I noticed this year...
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    311 Receiver Point Dish Screen Problem

    Say, while we're mentioning those in-receiver OTA tuners- are the older ones in the ViPs capable of getting current signals?
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    Interesting Way To Retain Customers....Ask Which Programming They Don't Need

    Right, like you pay for cable, and then still there are commercials like on TV you can pick up for free! They even run commercials at the moviehouse now!
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    Dish 500 antenna

    Probably. I noticed some years back that they seemed to have downscaled the signal strength indication. No more 80s like in the old days. 129 always read quite a bit lower but still seemed to work acceptably. Right, they're probably not going back to a 500 dish at this point for installs.
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    HBO Max/Discovery+ Merger

    Misspellings basically became a thing of the past with spellchecking software apps. Now it's usages of wrong but correctly spelled soundalike words. That will leave it to AI as to whether you mean weather, wether (a castrati goat) or whether.
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    Satellite hail damage

    Looks like it was a cheap & effective way to do h to h; slap on a ring gear and a motor from a linear actuator. There were actually a # of varied stabs at h to h right before and as scrambling hit and knocked most off the market. Circa 1986-87.
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    Interesting Way To Retain Customers....Ask Which Programming They Don't Need

    What can you get without ESPN? Thing is, all these channels supposedly no one watches also come at very minimal cost to the provider, as in pennies/sub or even just free, and the only real cost is simply providing the channel slotting. Then you have certain channels that charge them...
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    Interesting Way To Retain Customers....Ask Which Programming They Don't Need

    I do know that at one point (and probably for much of its history) they were going for raising average billings as much as they could. Obviously with "could" being the operative word, they've always been aware that rates go into satisfaction and retention. So I guess it just goes to show the...
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    Traditional Providers Losses, 3rd Quarter 2023 Edition

    Cable can hold subs through its broadband, a home necessity outside of TV. DiSH, otoh...easy to see why Charlie has tried to jump into cell phoning. Is he getting any penalties yet on his bought bandwidth for fail to launch?
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    What going on with Dish?

    Well, exactly- you just beat me to it, but I read the OP to be about wanting to tailor subscription, but then replies were about how to set up fav lists. Certainly the rigidity in channels packaging goes into decisions to cord-cut from sat / cable. As well as into decisions not to cut the cord...
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    Will you buy an Apple Watch?

    Also that sketch is out of perspective. You can't hold your arm like that. Maybe we should have gotten the shoe phone.
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    Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

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    Will you buy an Apple Watch?

    Wasn't the whole phone supposed to be on a wristwatch? Facetiming, too. When is that coming?
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    I hear handwriting is coming back as well.
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    What is happening to Nat Geo!?

    Is The Learning Channel still on? Gotta love educational TV.
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    Dish stock down 22% today as I type

    Maybe he could merge with Sky across the pond like he'd said he was going to do back at the beginning and then didn't. Maybe we could have a global provider. It is kinda jarring having DBS providers described in terms of now being "old" when probably most of us remember the anticipation for the...
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    Recommendation for very strong UHF signal

    If you use 3 antennae and have 3 rotators, why not use something like the smartkom and put each on a rotor for occasional fine-tuning?
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    311 Receiver Point Dish Screen Problem

    Maybe they don't support it anymore.
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    Dish stock down 22% today as I type

    I had seen some reference to DiSH & the mouse. Is it maybe rate disputation? DiSH subscriber rates only look "good" by comparison with sky-high rates for cable, DTV, etc. Charlie inarguably fought hardest against soaring asks from programmers over the years, but also steadily devalued the...
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    Traditional Providers Losses, 3rd Quarter 2023 Edition

    Right, not only will the providers have fewer cx's to spread operational costs over, they'll have reduced volume leverage in negotiating carriage. Something therefore has to give. The death spiral (or doom loop?) is ramping up so quickly that it's hard to predict exactly what. Maybe like certain...
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    Thank you Erik Carlson

    So like after they split from E*, now they're rejoining with it? Given the plunge of DiSH, my guess is he just got out on own. There would have been cord cutting in this period regardless, but this could have been made into a much stronger and more sustainable enterprise if they'd kept their...
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    Dish 500 antenna

    I was excited for HD and then they dropped 129 on us. Then when they came up with EA they pitched it like we could take our pick and have much more latitude (no pun intended) as far as tree blockages, etc. But then your locals are just on the one or the other. It was always something.
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    Dish stock down 22% today as I type

    All he really had to do was to remember where he had come from. What's the DiSH-Disney deal I'm hearing about?
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    Dish stock down 22% today as I type

    Wasn't hoping he'd become a pauper or get thrown in prison. Just that some of what he sent out would come back to him.