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  1. RTCDude

    Can't update an expired credit card

    I‘ve ran into similar issues with other services. But I can’t offer any speculation as to why this happens. however, I have found that in all cases this fix was to delete the existing expired card and to enter the updated card as a new card.
  2. RTCDude

    H366 is out

    Yep, just found out I got H366 this morning. It took forever for me to get H365, then H366 got pushed out quickly.
  3. RTCDude

    110/119 Listings Post 129 Transition (Updated 11/19/2023)

    On H3s, Sirius XM 73 shows up as channel 99-73.
  4. RTCDude

    Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting

    Well, 198 turns out to be a bit of a yawner also. It’s got a very nice fall farm pastoral scene. It has turkeys, pheasants, and deer walk across the frame. There is also a Thanksgiving parade like turkey ballon float across in the distance. We also get farmer Bigfoot coming out the barn to do...
  5. RTCDude

    Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting

    Oh boy! This month’s 199 Dishscape is pretty tame (boring). A snowy mountain scene of a stone train trestle with a dozen or so different trains slowly going by. Each train is different, but that’s it. Nothing else moves but the snowflakes. After you’ve seen all of the trains once, there’s no...
  6. RTCDude

    H364 is here

    An update: The long delay for skip back/forward has started to be recording specific. For most recordings I get the now new 3/4 - 1 second delay. Annoying but tolerable. But occasionally a recording will exhibit having a 10 second delay. Nothing will fix that recording. And I can switch...
  7. RTCDude

    H364 is here

    My H3 updated to 364 the other day. Everything seems to be running OK “except” skip forward and back. A single skip takes about 1 1/2 seconds, which I use a lot. Very annoying!
  8. RTCDude

    Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting

    198 is inside the lobby of a haunted hotel. Giant spider, creepy clown, multiple ghosts, invisible man bloody footprints, thunder and lightning, Bigfoot Just on a flag, carnivorous fly eating plant, and a few other things. Fairly tame, but very good detail. No flicker or focus issues for me...
  9. RTCDude

    110/119 Listings Post 129 Transition (Updated 11/19/2023)

    It’s on 90 on Hoppers. 9547 is likely only VIP receivers.
  10. RTCDude

    EHD questions for Hipkat/Boston or any experienced member

    No need to squeeze questions ;). Sometime Windows hangs onto removable drives for some reason. It could be that you have a program open that is using (or in some cases just previously used) a file on that drive and has the drive reserved because of that. Just quit that program to cancel any...
  11. RTCDude

    DISH External Hard Drive Partitions and sizes

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think Dish uses any on-HD encryption (based on what was hinted at in some previous conversations). Rather, I think they encrypt the data by daisy-chaining the AES HW encryption engine, in the Broadcom SOC, to HD controller engine in the Broadcom SOC, as the data as...
  12. RTCDude

    EHD questions for Hipkat/Boston or any experienced member

    Let me add some additional perspective to HD longevity issues. When I worked at a large PC company, we did some studies on HD failures. Putting general quality issues aside, we found three common reasons for most HD failures: #3 was vibration, shock movement, or quick twisting motions...
  13. RTCDude

    Sling TV President Takes Over Dish TV, Overseeing Both Businesses - September 21, 2023

    If you can’t beat them, join them. I think this is a step in my long held belief that as the “satellite” business continues to become tougher, Dish will increasingly become a streaming service instead. Think of it as the (near) exact existing Dish lineup service delivered by streaming instead...
  14. RTCDude

    Trouble Authorizing Hopper 3 Receiver Purchased on Ebay

    But more to the point….. I am one of those that has always purchased and installed all my own equipment. What do I get out of doing this, control. I don’t have to waste time arguing with Dish about what kind of installation/configuration to be installed (within the bounds of what actually...
  15. RTCDude

    My 722k dying?

    I’d say your living on borrowed time. Back in the 5XX days I had a couple of receivers that went through similar fits. In those cases it was the HD dying. Some weeks of constant reboots, then weeks of perfect operation. Then one day, dead as a door nail. Lost all my unwatched recordings. I...
  16. RTCDude

    Possible good Tapatalk News

    I’ve never tried Tapstalk before. Could someone give a couple sentence overview of what it’s advantage is and how it is used?
  17. RTCDude

    Irritating phone call to Dish support

    Unless you buy the equipment yourself and just activate them. Correct?
  18. RTCDude

    Hopper+ capabilities

    Unless you don’t like the Android TV interface and have no use for any Android apps. Anything it seems that folks want to do with Android apps I can do with my AppleTV; which is stable, non-laggy, and is well supported. And using a programable remote, I also get to use one remote for...
  19. RTCDude

    Cox Media Group Removes Local Channels From DISH

    Where I’m at OTA isn’t quite an option, so I subscribe to locals. But I only use locals for news and PBS. Anything these days on the big three (four?) is nothing junk/trash (sports excluded).
  20. RTCDude

    Upgrading from Dish 1000 to Hopper 3 and Joey

    Since you are in Fresno, I assume you have a three horn Western Arc LNB. I suspect you are covering the wrong horn and picking 119 through the wrong horn. Make sure you mast is perfectly vertical. Use “Torpedo“ bubble level to check. It will have a magnetic edge on it that will hold it to the...
  21. RTCDude

    From Satellite Talk to a Thriving Community: SatelliteGuys Turns 20!

    “16 tears”? Was that a typo or a freudian slip? ;)
  22. RTCDude

    What's the difference in the Joeys?

    You gave me my answer even before I had time to formulate the question. Thanks.
  23. RTCDude

    From Satellite Talk to a Thriving Community: SatelliteGuys Turns 20!

    Congratulations on 20 years Scott! I remember 15 years ago when I first got Dish I went looking for online help and found you and the other site. The other site got quickly abandoned as there was just no comparison! SatelliteGuys has been my go-to site ever since. On to the next 20! (If...
  24. RTCDude

    Tailgater and VIP211Z

    Thanks. Segway Over.
  25. RTCDude

    Tailgater and VIP211Z

    Slight side question. Does a Hopper3 have the SW to use a Tailgater? Thanks.