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  1. N0QBH

    Edision OS Mio Plus 4K - looking for recent docs

    Just purchased one from Titanium and want to read up on how to operate the installed firmware. Regards, Mike
  2. N0QBH

    Yeah, I sure remember the day G4 died

    Almost every pager (remember them?) in the country quit working because most of their towers had a Ku dish pointing at G4 for a data feed. I was a retread going to radio school at the time and a C band satellite FTA watcher. We also lost our early Star Trek feeds ( 3 days before air time :)...
  3. N0QBH

    Grit TV back

    Noticed I was seeing television on this channel again last night. - Nice.
  4. N0QBH


    Replaced the old Chaparral C band LNB with a whackadoodle servo over the weekend with Titanium's C1 PLL LNBF. Wow! Best 40 bucks I've spent in awhile. Thanks Titanium!
  5. N0QBH

    C band servo idle current

    Got an issue that recently cropped up with my C band signal and I suspect the polarity servo is going bad. I'm measuring about 250 mA @ 5v to the servo while it should be at it's set position. That figure looks more like it is still trying to move or is cycling back and forth, but I thought I'd...
  6. N0QBH

    DiseqC decoder with Bluetooth out to a tablet/phone - any interest?

    The title says it all. A few years ago I wrote the code for a PIC based DiseqC decoder that displays to a LCD. Lately I've been using these Bluetooth modules for a ham application, but was thinking today that it might be a good fit for the DiseqC decoder. Presently, the decoder only outputs the...
  7. N0QBH

    Neat adaptation of my Corotor polarity/skew control

    Got an eamil a couple weeks ago from a fellow wanting to make my deluxe Corotor servo skew controller. I answered his question and sort of forgot about it. Yesterday I get another email with a Utube video of his work. Quite impressive...
  8. N0QBH

    SG-9120B repair

    My year old SG9120B dish mover quit moving to the west earlier this winter, so I replaced it with a DG-380. Put the non working mover on the bench to try figure out what went wrong, here's what I found. The relay K2 was inoperative. It's driver transistor Q2 and protection diode D4 were also...
  9. N0QBH

    Corotor performance question

    Anyone know how much of a difference there is between a C band only feed horn and one with C/Ku ? I'm sure there must be some degradation with that Ku "antenna" in the middle of the C band feed horn throat. Since I have both a BUD and a Ku dish now, would it be worthwhile to switch back to a...
  10. N0QBH

    Another FTA project for electronics builders - Diseqc decoder with LCD display

    Recently added a super simple Diseqc decoder to the collection of FTA related projects on my website. With it you can observe the signals being sent from your satellite receiver to switches, movers and LNBs. "I don't sell kits -...
  11. N0QBH

    Couple of FTA projects for electronic builders

    These are a couple of PIC electronic projects I designed and use in my FTA system as needed. The first is a in-line coax mounted polarotor servo power supply/controller. It's meant to interface new digital receivers to the polarity controls on C / Ku BUDs. The other project is a 2A capable...
  12. N0QBH

    GEOSATpro Micro HD and SG9120B

    Has anyone else noticed their SG9120 dish mover seems to start and stop on it's way to the new satellite? I put my Diseqc decoder in line and it looks like it happens each time the Micro HD resends the move dish to... command - about every 4 seconds until the receiver sees a signal.
  13. N0QBH

    Anyone using the Sathero SH-200 meter?

    Looks like a reasonably priced meter which does S2. I'd like to hear what folks who have used this meter have to say. Are there any other meters in that price range with similar capabilities?
  14. N0QBH

    Sathero SH200 meter

    Wondering if anyone here has experience with the Sathero SH200 meter?
  15. N0QBH

    Changes on G17

    Anyone know where the FOX freebies went? :confused:
  16. N0QBH

    The Tube

    Just started watching The Tube again (AMC3 4036 MHz) after a couple month break and noticed the signal strength was noticeably lower than before. The other AMC3 transponders seem normal. Anyone else notice this??
  17. N0QBH

    G4 TV audio only?

    Is G4TV on AMC-10 going scrambled? I tuned in to prepare for my classic Star Trek fix and all I got was audio, no picture. The test pattern for HSN St Pete transponder comes in OK. Did a rescan and the G4TV transponders show as scrambled. It's downright unamerican to scramble Star Trek IMHO...
  18. N0QBH

    TheTube AC-3 occasional audio prob?

    Was wondering if other FTAers were noticing occasional garbled audio on The Tube on AMC3? It doesn't happen very often, but the symptoms are garbled audio with no degradation of picture. It will last for a few seconds then clear up. I don't notice it with other AC-3 stations and I have a...
  19. N0QBH

    Uniden 4400 Super code

    Anyone out there have the factory code to do a master reset on this model?
  20. N0QBH

    Orbitron "spinclination"

    I have an Orbitron SX7 dish that I recently refurbished and reinstalled. I notice the original paint mark for aligning the hub to the latitude scale is gone. Can someone tell me were on the hub that mark should be? Also, if I use a straightedge across the dish and an inclinometer, where do I...