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  1. rockinm

    Hopper slows and freezes, loses Joeys, and I have to reboot

    I'm on my 3rd hopper since December. First they thought the harddrive was going bad, but seems to be a universal problem w/ most dish hoppers these days. Received replacement hopper and it started doing the same thing. Now on 3rd hopper and it started with this behavior the 2nd day I had it...
  2. rockinm

    Video on Demand?

    We just came from Comcast/TimeWarner cable. The wife really misses the freee video on demand feature for things like HBO, etc...That's how she would keep up to date on all her series and is one of the things she misses about cable, besides their easy to use DVR. Will Dish Network ever bring...
  3. rockinm

    new customer & not happy

    signed up last week. 1st appt techs showed up 2 hours into appt w/o all required equipment so had to reschedule. 2nd appt, no tech w/in the 5 hour window and no calls. 30 minutes after appt expired, they can't even get in touch w/ dispatch or the tech. I was excited to get dish network, but...