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  1. loubon

    A Few Networking Questions

    My current setup: Hopper 3 on main floor, two wired Joeys on second floor and one wireless Joey in basement connected to the H3 through the Joey's wired access point. What I'm trying to do: Add an access point (I bought a new router so I turned the old one into an access point) put it on the...
  2. loubon

    OTA Question

    I currently have Comcast basic cable as a backup to Dish (for days like today when it is snowing in NJ and Dish keeps going in and out). I thought I'd try an indoor antenna to eliminate the cost to Comcast (I hate them) and an outdoor antenna doesn't make sense for the infrequency that I need a...
  3. loubon

    I See Customer Service Hasn't Improved

    I generally don't have issues or try to milk the system but for some reason this just rubbed me the wrong way. About a month ago I noticed a free PPV in my account with no notification. Not the first time that has happened so I figured a price increase is coming. Price increase comes a few...
  4. loubon

    Question about the new remote

    On the new H3 remote (regular, not voice activated) is there a way to program a special key? On my old remote I was able to take a key and assign it the function of a key from my Samsung remote (in this case the sleep timer) that didn't offer that exact function. I don't even remember exactly...
  5. loubon

    Auto Tune Question

    When you set an auto tune it seems to be across the whole system. This may have been like this in the past but now with the H3 truly being a whole home system that caught my eye. Is there any way to auto tune just one TV or can it only be across the system?
  6. loubon

    Check your PPV Certificates

    While checking to see if the price increase would hit my next bill I noticed I had 2 PPV certificates from 12/24/15 which I don't recall ever getting a notification on. Already a weak attempt at offsetting an $8 increase that I'll be getting on my AEP but to not even let me know about it is...
  7. loubon

    Strange PTAT Issue Only On ABC

    Sorry if this has been discussed but I couldn't find it anywhere. This only happens on ABC and randomly happens about half the time. If I save a PTAT program and watch it after the 8 day window I sometimes get the show cut off or missed altogether. I'm not talking about the problem that...
  8. loubon

    Skipped Event Problem

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I couldn't find anything exactly like this. In the past if you recorded two shows back to back (such as Suits and Graceland on USA) one tuner would be used and because USA insists on letting their shows go over by a minute or two you'd have the end...
  9. loubon

    Dish Anywhere Question

    I am having an issue with Dish Anywhere that I am fairly certain is PC related. It works on my phone and every PC in my house on the same network except for 1 which is running Vista. It worked up until a few weeks ago but I can't determine what has changed to cause it now not to work. I get...
  10. loubon

    Sling Adapter With Two Hoppers

    So I picked up a used sling adapter on ebay (thanks for answers on a previous thread) and I have a question. I can see the DVR contents of both Hoppers if I point to each receiver but it seems I can only actually play the shows from the Hopper the sling is connected to. Does that mean I would...
  11. loubon

    Sling Adapter Question(s)

    A couple of Sling Adapter questions: I'm thinking of just picking one up on eBay. Is there any particular model # needed to work with a Hopper? It looks like Dish Online and the Dish Mobile app allow access remotely but they don't seem to directly refer to needing a Sling Adapter. Do they...
  12. loubon

    Guess what I discovered about release 213?

    Apologies if this has been mentioned (I didn't see it anywhere) and I didn't want it to get lost in one of the other two threads. If prior to the release you only had a wireless adapter for internet on one Hopper you can now access all online content (BB@H, Apps) on both Hoppers. This is...
  13. loubon

    Tuesday Night's PTAT Did Not Record

    I have had PTAT turned on since I got my Hoppers (On on 1, Off on the other) and never had a problem. Tuesday night none of the shows recorded. I distinctly remember the yellow PT logo on the guide for all the shows but none of the shows were there. I looked to see if they got grouped...
  14. loubon

    Okay, here's a new one...weird timer problem

    I searched and couldn't find the exact same thing as this so here it goes.... I have two Hoppers both on 212. One is fine but yesterday on the other one when I checked the daily recording schedule it went from May 25th to May 30th. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were gone. The timers...
  15. loubon

    EHD Issues - The Sequel

    I had posted here a few weeks back about issues I had with recordings from my 622 that I copied to an EHD not playing once transferred to my Hopper (played fine directly from the EHD). When this happened I did all sorts of tests copying new shows back and forth from the Hopper to the EHD and...
  16. loubon

    EHD Issue

    Sorry if this has been asked already but I did a search and couldn't find it. I hit my first snag tonight on what has actually been smooth sailing since my install of 2H/2J on Tuesday. I had copied shows to my EHD from my 2 622 VIPs. No problem seeing them on the Hopper or playing them from...
  17. loubon

    Still a bit confused about best combination of Hoopers/Joeys

    Still a bit confused about best combination of Hoppers/Joeys I think I've read every post here (thanks for all the great info) and I can't quite find an example of my exact setup and I want to be sure I've got this correct. I currently have 2 622s with one HD and one SD on each. There can be...
  18. loubon

    DIRT Team Comes Through Again

    I had some problems with the LNB on my dish and Matt set everything up for me and the process went very smoothly. Great to know we can always come here and cut through the red tape and get quick resolution to issues. Thanks Matt and thanks Satellite Guys!
  19. loubon

    Broadband Questions

    I am thinking of adding the broadband option and although I've searched other threads I can't quite get all my answers straight in my head so I thought I'd just ask them here in one thread. First, my equipment - 2 622's and a Linksys Wireless-G 2.4 Ghz with Speed Booster WRT54GS in a different...
  20. loubon

    HD PPV Question

    I noticed I only have 4 HD PPV movies currently available on my All Channels Guide (the rest are on VOD). I never paid too much attention to this until I got the free coupons but I could swear in the past when I would scan through the guide there were many more. TIA