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  1. salsadancer7

    It's been a long time...What has changed from the "Sports Section"?

    Hope some of the ole regulars are still around...
  2. salsadancer7

    World Baseball Classic

    I was at the game between the Dominican Republic and the USA and the place was electric. Though I am pulling for Team Puerto Rico, I was pulling for the USA. I have to tell you, until the US starts sending their very best, there is no way they will match the line-up the DR had. And now in the...
  3. salsadancer7

    NFL BS against my Raiders at it's finest! Goodell, gotta love that rat bastard. LOL! And Al Davis wannabe Jerry Jones can kiss my @$$ as well! For those reasons, Jones was the strongest voice in favor...
  4. salsadancer7

    AP Defensive Player of Year Award is a farce!

    How does Khalil Mack gets votes in for TWO POSITIONS as a All-Pro, something NEVER done by ANYONE.. and not get a single vote? He also was only 2.5 sacks behind Watt by two sacks. Can someone explain that to me?
  5. salsadancer7

    Watching on the MLB Network, "The colorful Montreal Expos"

    Great memories from one of the most fun team baseball ever had from the late 70s to early 2000s. Great players throughout that teams history. For anyone interested, it plays again tomorrow on the MLB Network at 3pm, Tuesday at 10pm and next Saturday, 2/06 at 3pm.
  6. salsadancer7

    R.I.P. Kenny Stabler

    One of favorite players of ALL TIME and one of THE most underrated QBs of all time. He and Dave Casper made me love the Raiders. He was THE SWAG for the Raiders. My VERY first NFL football game, when I was not yet a Raiders fan, was when the Raiders played the Dolphins in the Orange Bowl in the...
  7. salsadancer7

    Is it time to tell the professional sports teams commissioners to build their OWN stadiums?

    As most of all of you know, I am a HUGE Oakland Raiders fan and very anti-ownership when it comes to franchises hold cities hostage for new billion dollar stadiums. I hurt for my team getting a new stadium because it is the oldest piece of crap in all of professional sports. BUT, because of the...
  8. salsadancer7

    NBA Off Season

    Thought I would start this because it is the beginning of the FA season. As everyone knows, it is "panic" season down here because of the possibility of DWade leaving. He wants money, he has taken quite a few pay cuts to help the team..and I think he is due SOME of that money. He has done...
  9. salsadancer7

    BUSTED! Deflategate: Pats deliberately did it!

    I laugh because nothing was EVER going to happen.
  10. salsadancer7

    2015 NBA Playoffs

    I did not see a thread for this and since the uneventful 1st round was finished...except for the LA Clippers-Spurs series... now it's time for the nitty-gritty. - Chippiness in the Cavs-Celtics series. Even though the Cavs swept the the Bostonians, they fought hard, literally and figuratively...
  11. salsadancer7

    NCAA report: Jim Boeheim suspended for nine games; 12 scholarships lost over four years

  12. salsadancer7

    The U...Part 2

    Another good 30 for 30. No where near as great as the first one. The Hurricanes team from 2001, without a shadow of a doubt, was the best college football team ever. From 2002-2006, 17 first rounders and 45 pick overall. You take away the hose job by the BCS(picking FSU or Miami when Miami...
  13. salsadancer7

    NBA Season 2014-2015

    Thought I would get this started season the kicked off last night. I want epic fail for Lebron and the Cavs... so THERE, I through out the first salvo! LOL! In reality, best two team are Cleveland and Chicago in East. I think it will be Chicago in the East in the Finals. The West is TOO...
  14. salsadancer7

    NFL Profits 2013

    I would normally put this in the NFL off season thread...but this kinda stuff merits its own. And MORE reason why you should NEVER believe the crying poverty these owners can be.
  15. salsadancer7

    NBA Off Season

    I thought with the impending NBA free agent season now just as, if not more interesting than the NBA regular season....especially with Lebron opting out, we can go nuts with the rumors.
  16. salsadancer7

    Boomer & Craig Carlton: Daniel Murphy does not his priorities straight according to them....

    These two morning idiots are actually gave Daniel Murphy hell because his wife had a C-section on opening day and he WANTED to be there. I wonder if these morons know that this was actually negociated as part of...
  17. salsadancer7

    Former Oakland Raider great, Todd Christensen dies of surgery complications

    R.I.P. to one of my Oakland Raider faves!
  18. salsadancer7

    2013-2014 NBA Season

    Thought now was a good time to start this. Season and a lot of teams have a bunch of intriguing stories. The most obvious, may not be the most intriguing story is will the Miami Heat three-peat and will the this be the last time we see James, Wade and Bosh together? Sent from my SGH-T999...
  19. salsadancer7

    Tiger after Players Championship win..."I'm a getting better..."

    Great win by Tiger and a EPIC CHOKE job by Sergio Garcia. Hot putter working going into the island green on 17. 2 straight balls into the drink. I guess that's what he get for talking crap because he could not take the pressure of pairing up with Tiger and his fans. Rest of the field beware...