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  1. RT-Cat

    TBS card

    I installed a new TBS 6902 card in my new Inspiron 3670 desktop. Downloaded the driver from the TBS site. Installed the software and everything looked OK. Checking in device manager the statement that the driver is not digitally signed and would not run was a surprise. After much time spent...
  2. RT-Cat

    Customer Service

    My condensate pump went out on my furnace. I removed it and opened it up to see what could be fixed on it. It was the special switch on the float that went wacky. I checked and Emailed the manufacturer looking for the part. In a week I had no answer. So I called the company and was told I...
  3. RT-Cat

    Linkbox Recording with 9000I Local

    I have a question for anyone that has a hard drive connected and is using a Linkbox 9000I Local for recording.
  4. RT-Cat

    105 AMC18 NBC Sound

    I have an "interesting" problem with the sound on NBC East. Lyngsat shows the sound at 751. I check the sound setting on the receiver and it is set at 751. There is sound when the news person is talking but when they break for the ads the sound is missing on most of them. This is OK when it...
  5. RT-Cat

    Sling TV Failure

    I signed up with Sling TV a couple of days ago because of the Mars series starting Monday night. I logged in at 8:00Pm to watch what was on first. I think is was one of the Cosmo stories. Well, I guess a 100,000 or maybe a million others were also getting ready for the Mars show. All I got...
  6. RT-Cat

    Giving It A Try....

    Well, Sunday I signed up to give Sling TV a try. So far it looks interesting and will sure take a little time to get everything working. Everything new has a learning curve. Time will tell. Number one reason to join was the Mars series that is starting. Space nut here. Also having cut the...
  7. RT-Cat

    Hidden Fees?

    I have been reading about Sling TV and what is available with the different costs. A question would be is this like the cable companies that there are fees on top of fees and taxes on top of the fees and you end up with a $20 per month service that really cost $30? I would expect at least...
  8. RT-Cat

    H & I

    Any comments or thoughts of Heroes & Icons, sat 101 at 3953, being on a low power transponder? I get MeTV great but have a problem or two with solid picture from H&I. Even with lots of adjustments at the dish, I may get it to play and the next day more adjustments are needed. Odd?
  9. RT-Cat

    Two Receivers, Same Remote, Bummer

    As the title shows that is a problem. One unit is used about 85% of the time so the other receiver that has one of those IR pickups that can be placed anywhere gets the other 15% of use. I fix the problem by moving that pickup out of sight or cover up the other receivers IR pickup. It works...
  10. RT-Cat

    Mechanical Limit Switches

    It has been stated by a few the importance of mechanical limit switches on your actuator. One of my Thomson/Saginaw actuators has a nice set up under the cover. The other does not. Looking at the set up and putting the circuit on paper the operation was easy to understand. I have many...
  11. RT-Cat

    Where to use 6 foot Mesh Dish?

    On Saturdays when I go to work at a friend's house, we drive past a good looking 6 foot, prime focus mesh dish. Lots of discussion on not being that good for C-Band. I have been thinking about stopping and seeing if they want to get rid of it. But that brings up a thought of just on what and...
  12. RT-Cat

    Bad Sensor? Or....?

    Got the updated PCB back from Titanium Satellite for my ASC-1 very fast. Great service. ASC-1 all back together and hooked up to actuator. Limits set at -5000 and 5000. When attempting to move actuator, it moves less than one rotation and the limit notice shows. Click OK and try the other...
  13. RT-Cat

    "I will not work on that dish!"

    This is the most unheard of thing I have ever heard of. You need to read carefully. You have three receivers: A, B, and C. You have two C-Band dishes: 1 and 2. Both have the same LNB on them. Both dishes are set to 103. Hook up receiver A on dish 2, works great. Remove it and hook up receiver...
  14. RT-Cat

    ASC-1 Remote

    Anyone have a remote to the ASC-1 they want to sell cheap? I know of someone that managed to, well, do something to the one they had and it can no longer be located. Six hours of house searching over three days and nothing. If I had a dog, I would guess they took it.
  15. RT-Cat

    Actuator disassembly

    I decided to take a look at the old Thomson/Saginaw actuator that I have around here. The internet can sometimes surprise you without any information on a subject where other times you find 50 videos on the subject. Can't find what I am looking for. The round plastic, I'll call it the magnet...
  16. RT-Cat

    Hand Crank

    This new installation with my old Bud is getting interesting. Since it will only be adjusted between 97 and 103 and 90% of the time in one place, I do not see the need for an actuator, controller, and all the wires needed. So, thinking of building a hand crank I also thought of just looking at...
  17. RT-Cat

    How Much Concrete?

    Been thinking of putting up my old Orbitron mesh 10 foot dish. Pipe is about 3-1/4" and about 6 feet out of the ground, all estimates. I am in the woods and do not have "open range" wind blowing, so somewhat sheltered. Want to keep costs down as low as I can. Ground here is what most call...
  18. RT-Cat

    Reelz - G-13 ???

    It is listed in Lyngsat so it should be OK to ask. Can anyone pick Reelz up on 127? I can get lots of channels there that are scrambled that confirms I am on 127. It is "odd" that transponder acts as it was dead. Dish wiggle does not make a difference. Do you have any luck?
  19. RT-Cat

    Odd event with PVR

    I have a hard drive connected to my FTA receiver. Normal for recording what ever. But I have an "odd" thing that happens when played back. This is a recording from Escape. About three to five minutes into the playback, the sound starts to break up. Gone for two to four seconds and back for...
  20. RT-Cat

    OTHER Manhattan DJ-1997

    Interesting and odd problem with a new DJ-1997. With the position numbers set in the Gbox and the same numbers stored in the Manhattan, one would think it should move to the sat you have picked. Well, it does about 1/3 of the time. Most of the time when changing satellites I have to grab the...